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As heavy rains swept across much of Sand Mountain on Wednesday, the Marshall County Commission approved two upgrade projects to help deal weather and moisture issues at nearby county buildings.

Close to $10,350 was allotted to replacing the windows on the ground floor of the Marshall County Courthouse in Guntersville. Many of the double-paned glass windows, which stretch from floor to ceiling, have become fogged over or infested with mold due to moisture penetration. Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said since it was impossible to clean inside the windows, they need to be completely replaced. The commission unanimously accepted the low bid; the only other bid was more than double for approximately $22,000.

Across the street at the Driver’s License Annex building, the commission approved the installation of a covered shelter by Porta-King Building Systems for $14,430.95. The 8-by-15-foot, prefabricated, portable shelter will be placed on a concrete slab adjacent to the left side of the current building and will be handicap accessible, Hutcheson said.

“It’s a nice shelter with benches inside so that people can get in incase of rain, thunderstorms or the hot sun… I think that’s been needed for a while,” the chairman said.

To help keep the area ventilated, Hutcheson said the shelter would have a solar fan installed. The county will be responsible for pouring the concrete slab foundation for the new shelter, which should arrive sometime in September.

Hutcheson said the money for the window replacement would come out of the Courthouse and Jail Fund, and money for the shelter would be taken out of the General Fund.

In other business, the commission:

  • Discussed renovations to the Marshall County Jail. Kelly Howard, with Martin & Cobey Construction, said the project will go out for bids starting June 15 and be voted on by the commission June 23. Once the bid is awarded, work should begin on July 7.
  • Approved claims from May 25-June 7 totaling $296,855.17
  • Approved payment request to Brown’s Hardware for $88.22.
  • Approved purchasing security camera upgrades for the Guntersville Courthouse for $49,695.71 from Courthouse and Jail Fund fund balance.
  • Approved entering into a memorandum of understanding with Farmers Telecommunications Business Services to install fiber from Wyeth Mountain to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for the new P25 radio system with an operation cost of $400 per month to be paid from sheriff budget.
  • Approved an audit contract with the Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts for fiscal year 2020; cost not to exceed $16,168 from General Fund fund balance.
  • Appointed Patricia R. Moore to the Marshall Jackson 310 Agency for a 6-year term, ending in April 2027.
  • Approved 2020 Insolvents, Errors and Litigations DFC22 form to be submitted to Alabama Department of Revenue by the Revenue Commission.
  • Approved contract with J.M. Wood to sell a 2019 Kenworth Dump truck from District 2.
  • Approved a 5-year lease agreement in the amount of $207,130 for the purchase of two P25 dispatch consoles at the sheriff’s department to be paid by the Sheriff’s discretionary funds.

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