Make your home more modern with small updates throughout


Choose one project or a bunch to make your space more modern

The thought of doing a huge renovation project can be very overwhelming and quite costly. You don’t need to change everything in your home all at once to make a big impact.

Little by little, you can make updates to your space to make a big impact. Here, we share some easy — and some more complicated — fixes you can make without too much time or effort to spruce up your home.

1. Update the entrance outside: 

A new front door always makes an impact. Installing a more energy-efficient door can help cut costs, too. If a new door and installation aren’t in the budget, opt for painting the door a bright color. Adding new hardware is another improvement to help modernize the entrance. Another quick fix to liven the space is installing a new, more modern light fixture. Two additional small, easy fixes are adding a new outdoor rug and new house numbers.

2. Update the kitchen island: 

Kitchen islands are a versatile spot in the home. Whether you prep meals there, the kids do their homework from the bar stools or you grab your morning coffee there, your island has probably seen better days. You can update the look, by trying a new stone on top or painting or staining the base. It will give the whole island a new look and a bit more life.

3. Update the kitchen lighting: 

Adding recessed lighting over workspaces or updating pendant lighting over an island can really brighten a kitchen and add flare. This project, especially the recessed lighting, might require some help from a professional.

4. Install a new faucet: 

Installing a new kitchen faucet adds more than just aesthetic appeal. New faucets have all kinds of features, such as hand-free turn on and longer hoses, which can make meal prep and cleaning up easier.

5. Make the entryway more usable:  

The entryway is a high-traffic area. To make it more usable, think about what your household would benefit from. Maybe that means more storage, a key hook, a coat rack, umbrella stand, a bin for mail or a place to store shoes. Bins, shelves, a table or a combination of the three can help keep things organized and orderly. To minimize the amount of items at the door, look for a table with drawers to hold mail, keys, sunglasses, etc. and a shelf underneath to hold bins for shoes. If your entryway is large enough, add a bench for putting on shoes.

6. Utilize paint or wallpaper:

There are lots of fun trends popping up featuring paint and wallpaper, and sometimes a mix of both in the same room. Many interior designers are opting to paint portions of walls different colors to add focal points. Think geometric shapes. Another unique trend is the use of peel and stick wallpaper for small rooms, such as guest bathrooms, or specific walls in rooms. Think laundry rooms and reading rooms. This adds dimension to small rooms, making them more versatile and seem bigger. In large rooms, painted shapes or areas, or wallpaper on specific walls can break up a room into smaller functions.

7. Make the outdoors more festive:  

You can have lots of fun outdoors and customize the changes as you see fit. Hang lights for a nice ambiance. They’re fun for parties or cozy nights with family. Add a trellis fence with or without plants for more privacy if you have close neighbors. Install brick pavers to accentuate the space or add walkways. Solar lights are a nice touch with pavers. You also can stain your deck a new color if you have one to really update the look. Buying new furniture, new pillows or a new table umbrella can give the space a whole new feel.

8. Get energy-efficient windows: 

This project is a little more complicated, but it can make a huge impact outside and in. It will add curb appeal to the outside of your home and energy efficiency to the inside. When replacing windows, really think about what your home needs. Is a big picture window better for the space or will one window be just fine? Also think about how the windows will look on the outside. Sometimes a small window may seem right inside but might not look the best from the outside. Just think it over and make sure you decide on something that will work for you as well as look nice.

9. Update the kitchen backsplash: 

All-white kitchens have been popular for a long time, but they’re not the only option. If you have white cabinets, you can play around with some bright colors and shapes for your tile. Hexagons, small circles and other geometric shapes can add dimension. You can play it safe with shades of gray or opt to go bold with blues and greens.

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10. Replace your showerhead: 

There are plenty of types of showerheads on the market. Whether you’re looking for spa-like showerheads, ones with low-water usage, ones with built-in filters or anything in between, you’ll likely be able to find it. Not only does a new showerhead look nice, but it can save you money or help your hair and skin.

11. Update cabinet hardware throughout house: 

This project shouldn’t take more than an afternoon, and it doesn’t require many tools either. Just choose a consistent look for each room or throughout the house, and get started. It can be easy to buy the cheapest hardware out there, but sometimes it’s worth it to upgrade to something truly beautiful. The details really do stand out.

12. Make doorknobs match: 

One way to make your home look more cohesive is to make the doorknobs throughout match. Whether you buy new knobs or paint the ones you have, it will be worth it. Black is very popular lately, and it looks chic.

13. Update interior doors: 

Paint doors throughout the house the same color or buy new doors for a modern look. Decide if you want white, black or wood. And choose between simple, flat doors or ones with notches cut in or panels on them.

14. Update bathroom storage: 

Bathroom mirrors have been popular for years, but medicine cabinets, while taking a backseat recently, are still very useful. Install one with a mirror above the sink for easy-to-grab products or opt for a large over-the-toilet cabinet to store even more.

15. Add dimmers:

Dining rooms and living rooms are the perfect spots for dimmers. They add a feeling to the room(s) in the evening. It also can help with your sleep to have dim lighting in the evening. 

16. Fake a built-in look: 

Whether it’s in your home office, living room, dining or really any room of your home, you can fake the look of built-ins by installing bookcases flush to the wall and adding thin-width plyboard and painting all of it a contrasting color to the wall. This adds so much charm to a space.

17. Swap out the bathroom sink:

If you have a small bathroom and have a vanity, think about swapping to a pedestal sink to give the appearance of more space. If the space allows, think about updating your vanity to a more modern look. Have fun with colors and styles.

18. Add molding:

If your home is the right style, adding molding can dramatically change a space. Formal dining rooms  and offices are a great place to add wainscoting to a room. It evokes a sense of elegance. 

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