Maintaining Your Fence – Ideas & Advice


Your garden fence delineates the boundary of your garden, so keeping it looking good all year round is important. Maintaining your fence requires some TLC, whether in the form of a refresher or protection from the elements.

Remodeling and treating your fence will have a profound effect on your entire garden – it can completely transform the look and feel of it and help you achieve the aesthetic you want. It is sometimes forgotten that they are both a stylistic and a functional asset.

Whether you’ve just put a new fence up or want to bring your tired panels back to life, these tips have plenty of easy and affordable options to help you with your project.

  • When you’re completely freshening up your fence, it’s often a good idea to clean it thoroughly first. That way, you can start over when thinking about treatment and design decisions.
  • Provided your fence is sturdy enough, a pressure washer can be used to blow away dirt and reveal a fresh layer of wood.
  • If you’re trying to remove stubborn dirt and mold, a wood cleaning treatment or watered down bleach can be used to lift and loosen it so you can finish it off with your pressure washer.
  • Give the wood time to dry completely before treating.

Fix your fence

  • The ideal time to make repairs is between cleaning and treating your fence.
  • Look for areas where the wood is rotting or splitting. These can be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

Protect your fence

  • While the vast majority of fence panels are already pressure treated or pre-treated when you purchase, it’s always a good idea to add your own additional treatment. This can increase the protection for additional years and save you costs and effort for maintenance in the future.
  • When it comes to choosing the right product, patio oil is perfect for protecting and maintaining your garden fence panels. It helps them last longer by providing great water resistance and making them look their best with UV protection.
  • For the most effective protection, first apply 2 coats of wood protection before applying 2 coats of top oil.
  • If you want to get the most out of the grain while maintaining a natural look, go for clear or natural wood preservatives and patio oils.

Color your fence

  • Adding a pop of color is a great way to add a decorative touch to your garden fence.
  • If you want to combine design and protection, patio oils and wood preservatives are available in different colors.
  • For more freedom in choosing colors, preservatives or dandruff and fence treatments can be applied to clear preservatives or under clear wood oil and offer you plenty of room for creativity.
  • Create a stunning modern aesthetic with a Tudor Black or Country Cream, or try a less conventional twist on the traditional with Harvest Gold or Red Cedar.
  • Or if you are feeling really brave, Cuprinol has a wide variety of brightly colored shades to add a touch of color to your garden beyond the flowers.
  • Make sure you apply paint or stains in the same direction as the grain for the best finish.

You can find more inspiration and ideas on how to achieve your fence facelift in our ideas and advice center.

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