London street where almost everyone has turned their front window into an incredible art exhibition


Lower Clapton and Homerton have been converted into a free art gallery for all to enjoy.

Chatsworth Road in Hackney has grown into its own art gallery as 253 windows on the street exhibited one another.

The trendy neighborhood that connects Lower Clapton to Homerton is home to many artists. Boutiques, independent cafes and the Castle Cinema proudly make the street their home.

The Window Wanderland displays will be on view February 13-16. Over 250 Hackney Homes in Clapton and Homerton are registering for participation. Find out more here.

The organizers have urged people to donate The Round Chapel to the local church when they can to help the community provide hot meals, food packages, and telephone support and advice to those in need.

The professional photographer Jørn Tomter has documented the exhibited houses on his Instagram page I Love Chatsworth Road (ILCR). He started the ILCR project in 2007 after taking to the streets himself.

Jørn said he fell in love with Chatsworth Road because it felt unique with a community spirit. So he decided to take them and regularly share photos of Chatsworth Road residents and businesses representing all members of the community.

ILCR even has its own website and magazine with pictures of the beloved street and stories from the unique and diverse community.

Scroll down to see the beautiful Hackney Window Wanderland displays.

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