The supply of environmentally friendly building owners, new 66-cell panels and improved high-performance modules increases the energy output for residential and commercial markets

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Feb. 11, 2021 – LG Business Solutions USA is introducing two brand new solar panels and upgrading other models with even higher performance for 2021. At IBSx, the International Builders’ Show® virtual According to David Chang, Senior Director of LG Solar USA, the 2021 residential solar module range represents the most powerful and powerful modules of all time.

LG’s new 66-cell NeON R® and NeON R® Prime modules with Back Contact Technology ™ feature high power efficiency and sleek aesthetics, reaffirming LG’s commitment to serving the home builder market with outstanding performance and design appeal. The NeON R 66-cell solar module for private households is available this spring for US builders and home owners and has an output of up to 440 W, while the NeON R Prime (all black) is available in a 425 W model. With an efficiency of up to 22.1 percent, both modules are the ideal choice for homeowners and installers who need a reliable, long-lasting and elegant solar solution for their energy needs.

“Today’s builders know that solar power is a very attractive option for many homebuyers, and our products offer carbon-free energy security and are attractive,” said Chang. “These new modules efficiently provide a high energy output and high reliability, and offer consumers the value and quality they demand.”

The LG NeON R and NeON R Prime 66 cell panels feature Back Contact technology, which allows all connection lines to be positioned on the underside of the cell to increase the potential for the absorption of sunlight and the susceptibility to environmental damage how to possibly decrease microcracks increase energy loss. This top technology, together with the relocation of the electrodes to the rear, gives the module an elegant, modern appearance.

According to Chang, the new modules are durable and offer outstanding performance even under the most extreme weather conditions. Their excellent temperature coefficient is better on sunny days and leads to a lower rate of degradation.

As with all LG solar modules, the NeON R and NeON R Prime 66 cell modules come with an industry leading 25 year limited warranty that covers product, performance and labor. At 25 years of age, these modules are guaranteed to produce at least 92.5 percent of their labeled output, reassuring consumers that their investment in these panels will be covered for years to come.

In addition to the new panel launches, LG is expanding its award-winning NeON portfolio for both residential and commercial spaces. The new 2021 models announced at IBSx include:

LG NeON 2 and NeON 2 Black Solar Panels

The 2021 versions of LG’s best-selling solar panel, the newly upgraded LG NeON 2 and NeON 2 Black, offer value-minded consumers outstanding performance and efficiency in a smaller space requirement for residential applications. With the award-winning Cello Technology ™, the NeON 2 is one of the most powerful modules on the market. The 60-cell NeON 2 panels are now available with up to 380 W and efficiencies of up to 21.0 percent. The LG NeON 2 Black offers almost the same performance and performance as the NeON 2 and offers an output of up to 375 W. The black design distinguishes it through an almost seamless, elegant appearance and a black frame that blends into the roof . Both modules have an improved degradation rate of 90.6 percent in 25.

LG NeON ACe solar panels

The expanded models 2021 NeON 2 ACe and NeON R ACe announced at IBSx integrate the solar module and the micro-inverter. LG’s NeON ACe series is designed for ease of installation and use, and offers greater flexibility in array design. It is an excellent solution for home installation. The upgraded NeON 2 ACe 60-cell panel has a power class of up to 375 W, while the NeON R ACe panel generates a DC power of up to 395 W. Both modules come with a built-in 320W micro-inverter and lifetime access to LG’s EnerVu monitoring platform, which tracks long-term performance and provides real-time analytics. It can also notify LG customer service to remotely fix a technical problem should one arise.

LG NeON H Commercial Solar Panels

The LG NeON H is an ideal solution for commercial and industrial PV projects. This 144-cell solar module delivers outputs of up to 455 W and efficiencies of 20.0 to 20.8 percent. It has an excellent temperature coefficient of -.34% / ⁰C and a hardened glass with a highly reflective anti-reflective coating. At the age of 25, LG NeON H guarantees at least 90.6 percent of the original performance.

LG NeON H Commercial BiFacial solar modules

The NeON H BiFacial panels (144 cells) available this spring offer a high degree of efficiency thanks to their design with double-sided power generation, which not only absorbs sunlight from the front, but also from the rear via a transparent rear wall. The double surface area of ​​the cells enables high energy generation so that the LG NeON H BiFacial panels have an output of up to 445 W.

For more information on LG’s award-winning solar products, please visit LG.com/solar.

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