LevelTen Energy Launches Renewable Energy Asset Marketplace Amid Booming Demand for Wind and Solar Energy

LevelTen Asset Marketplace Brings More Liquidity to the Market, Aiming to Catalyze Sales of Wind and Solar Projects as Supply Struggles to Meet Demand

LevelTen Energy, the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, today announced the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, an online platform for buying and selling renewable energy assets. The LevelTen Asset Marketplace brings together the world’s largest collection of renewable energy project developers and asset investors, and delivers the software, analytics and expertise to quickly buy and sell assets at all stages of maturity. With the launch of LevelTen Asset Marketplace, the LevelTen Platform becomes the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy asset transactions and energy sales.

Traditionally, acquiring or divesting assets was a slow, manual process that required insider networks. The process took months and, with a limited view of the market, participants couldn’t be certain they were transacting on the right projects at the right price. Now, using the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, sellers can list their assets for auction and instantly reach more than 470 developers and financiers, maximizing asset exposure to qualified buyers and investors. Participants can also work with LevelTen’s team of M&A experts to develop the best competitive positioning and to facilitate contract negotiations. Those interested in acquiring assets can issue automated RFPs and leverage LevelTen’s deep analytics to select high-value projects.

The LevelTen Asset Marketplace builds on the success of the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, the world’s largest online marketplace for renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs). Now, this global network of 470+ project developers and financiers can find PPA offtakers, and buy and sell assets on a single online platform, making it faster and easier to complete these key hurdles in the development process.

“It’s hard to imagine getting the best offer for your house, or buying a home you won’t regret, if you transact only with the people in your contact list,” said Patrick Worrall, LevelTen Energy Vice President of Asset Marketplace. “Yet, selling and buying renewable energy assets used to operate like this. Over 470 project developers already participate in the LevelTen Platform; now they can quickly buy and sell their assets, knowing that they’re getting the best deal possible because they have full transparency and access to the market.”

The LevelTen Asset Marketplace creates more liquidity in the market by facilitating buyer and seller connections and giving developers critical market pricing intelligence to inform future development. According to LevelTen’s Q1 2021 PPA Price Index, renewable energy project supply is struggling to keep up with demand in many North American markets, leading to rising prices over the past year.

“To slow the rate of global warming, we need to rapidly scale renewable energy project development, and this requires accelerating every stage in the development process,” said Bryce Smith, Chief Executive Officer, LevelTen Energy. “First, we accelerated the PPA process; with the launch of the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, we’re now disrupting the way projects are bought and sold, making it faster and easier to develop projects where they’re needed the most.”

About LevelTen Energy

LevelTen Energy is the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, delivering the cloud-based software, centralized supply, automated analytics, and expertise required to accelerate clean energy transactions. The LevelTen Platform is the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy buyers, sellers, advisors, asset owners and financiers. The Platform includes the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, which delivers access to more than 4,000 power purchase agreement Price Plans spanning 21 countries in North America and Europe. It also includes the LevelTen Asset Marketplace, which brings together over 470 renewable energy project developers and owners, and delivers the online tools and expertise they need to buy, sell and finance assets quickly. Together, LevelTen and its partners share #OneGoal to accelerate the clean energy transition. Visit LevelTenEnergy.com to learn more.


LevelTen’s Asset Marketplace software platform and services may provide certain data, analytics, and information regarding renewable energy projects to assist parties in evaluating asset transactions; however, LevelTen expressly does not provide users with any investment advice or make personal recommendations as to whether or not to enter into any particular transaction, and all transaction decisions shall be made by the user, in its sole discretion. Moreover, the LevelTen platform is not designed or intended to allow users to place orders or enter into self-executing transactions within the platform, and the offer, acceptance and contracting process for all transactions shall take place directly between buyer and seller, with the LevelTen platform merely providing tools and information to help facilitate such transactions. Where applicable, LevelTen is acting in the limited capacity of an “M&A Broker” within the meaning of a “no-action” letter dated January 31, 2014 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) in providing services related to the Asset Marketplace software platform and has not registered as broker or a dealer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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