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Installing a patio in your house can qualify the look of the house. Patios not only improves the housing outlook, but these are also great places to sit and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Imagine having supper on your patio and enjoying the dusky sky! Doesn’t it sound amazing? Of course, it is. So, in my opinion, every house should have a patio. You can obviously have contrary opinions, but most of you would agree with me. We are here to provide you with some guidance about how to find your patio base. If you are thinking of installing a patio in your house, stay on it till the last word, and you will learn everything about how to lay down your patio base.

Find the size of the patio:

The first thing that you have to do to find the base of your patio is to find the size of patio. You have to calculate how many square feet you are required to lay your patio. There are certain things about the patio ideas that would help you determine the patio’s size. First, you have to decide what you actually need. Do you need a cooking space on your patio, or you thinking of having a dining area on a patio?  Consider these ideas and things while measuring the size of the patio so that you can build the right size of the patio!

Determine the thickness of your patio base:

The next step is to find the thickness of the patio base that you want to install. Keep in mind that thickness varies in different designs, and you have to determine which one will go with your area. When you prep your area for the base, you have to figure out what thickness of the patio base will be the best for you. Always remember that the right thickness of the patio base is very important to lay a smooth patio base in your house.

Prepare your area:

After choosing the right patio base for you, now it’s time to prepare your area to lay down your patio base. You have to remove all the hurdles and stones that are making the ground uneven. You can use different tools to remove every unwanted thing from the ground where you want to lay down your patio. You can use a compactor to level the area so that your base can be smooth and even.

Finish the base:

The next step is to finish the base that you just laid for your patio. You have to install a steel edging around the base. Also, you can opt for aluminum or plastic edging. You have to spread gravel base in the patio area. Now, you have to spread the sane over the gravel base to make the ground more firm for the pavers.

Lay the pavers:

Now, the next step is to lay the pavers. You got all your area ready, smooth, and firm to lay the pavers. You should start from the corners and use a rubber mallet to fix the pavers into the sand. After installing the pavers to some area, use the level to make sure that the whole area is even and balanced. Don’t forget to have a slight slope for drainage so that the water doesn’t affect the base.

Fill the joints:

After applying all the pavers, you need to fill the joints that are left behind.  You need to use a push broom to spread a fine layer of sand over all the area and evenly fill all the joints. Now, you have to pack the sand in the joints. And for this, spray water on the patio and let it dry.

Keep checking the patio when it is completely dried. You will see that there are some joints that need to be refilled. Put more sand in those corners and spray water again. Do it again and again until you get a fine and smooth patio base.Here find out more about the products that help in this process.

Ta-dah! Your patio base is ready. That’s how simple it is to do all the job by yourself. From finding your patio base to laying your patio base, we taught you everything. Now, practice it and share your experience with us!

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