KiloVault Announces Upgrade Improvements to its HLX+ line of LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

All of the upgrades to the HLX+ line of LiFePO4 deep cycle solar batteries are immediately available.

Boxborough, Massachusetts (September 21, 2022) – KiloVault®, a provider of innovative and affordable residential and commercial renewable energy solutions, is announcing several crucial enhancements to its line of HLX+ lithium batteries.

The enhancements include:

• HLX+ Bridge: This new product allows viewing information of entire battery banks as well as individual batteries. With a single touch, the KiloVault Bridge provides an instant overview of a system’s battery state of charge, present power consumption, power harvest networking status, heating status, Bluetooth connection status, and more. In addition, the Bridge’s advanced reporting system ensures that live alerts on each battery’s status in the bank are displayed on the KiloVault Bridge and KiloVault iT App indicators.

“The Bridge is the perfect companion to the HLX+ battery bank, offering operators

essential feedback on their 16-battery system and keeping them updated with

important system information,” said KiloVault Product Development Manager Jose

Illidge. The Bridge allows better management of the maximum configuration of

4 parallel strings of 4 batteries in series, even if installation location temperatures

drop below freezing.

• Interbattery Communication: KiloVault® PlusNET Communication is one of the most critical parts of the Battery Management System (BMS). The battery features RS485 communication ports — enabling communication between batteries. KiloVault® PlusNET Communication monitors the parameters associated with the battery bank and applies the collected data to eliminate safety risks and ensure optimal battery performance.

• KiloVault New Application: The KiloVault iT smartphone Bluetooth app lets users view general information about a selected individual battery. It can help troubleshoot the cause of the battery bank going offline.

o Storage Mode: The KiloVault iT smartphone Bluetooth app enables users to place the HLX+ series battery in “storage mode’ to reduce the battery self-discharge. When not in use for an extended time, users simply switch the battery/battery bank to storage mode to save power.

o Multi-Language: The KiloVault iT smartphone Bluetooth app is available in English, Spanish, and French. Available for download on the app store.

All of the upgrades to the HLX+ line of LiFePO4 deep cycle solar batteries are immediately available.

For more information, visit the KiloVault team at Solar Power International RE+, at booth 3938, from Sept. 19-22, 2022 — or access the KiloVault website at

About KiloVault

KiloVault® provides innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial applications, storing the sun, and saving the planet. They design, market, and sell energy storage based on leading-edge technologies that reduce the cost of entry for homeowners and help reduce the impact of humanity on the environment. KiloVault is headquartered at 330 Codman Hill Road in Boxborough, Massachusetts. For more information, visit or call toll-free (888) 218-5924.

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