Killer Mike calls for an end to senseless violence after the store’s windows are closed


Rapper Killer Mike’s Message About Violence

Rapper killer Mike took to Instagram to express his frustration and demand an end to senseless violence.

A well-known Atlanta rapper and business owner took advantage of social media after the windows of his storefront were shot out.

Piles of glass covered the sidewalk and boards covered the windows of the SWAG Barbershop. South Fulton city police said there was a shot in a parking lot on the Roosevelt Highway. Stray bullets smashed the windows.

Killer Mike posted on his Instagram page that he knows it wasn’t a personal attack and that he wasn’t upset because property can be replaced, but he wanted those involved in the shootings to “think about what would have happened, if one of you. ” The jail, the legal fees, the funeral expenses and the loss of two black families. Glad you didn’t hit the side of a barn with a shotgun because that’s everyone that’s alive “.

Bernard Johnson has lived in the area for years. He always went to the barber shop. He said it was unsettling to see the shop boarded up.

“There are too many guns out here on the streets and it doesn’t do anything other than create a wider environment of violence,” said Johnson.

Police said no one was injured in the shots in the parking lot over the weekend. Investigators are looking into this, but no arrests have been made at this point.

Other business owners in the area said the hair salon closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and has just been renovated to open this month.

In his Instagram post, Killer Mike apologized to his clients, stating that the reopening would be delayed due to the damage from the shooting.

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