Keeping Metal Roofing in Top Shape through Proper Maintenance


There is no denying that a metal roof is one of the best roofing options around. It is extremely durable, boasting the longest service life among the roofing materials available in the market. In fact, a metal roof can manage to last for decades thanks to its ability to resist inclement weather, insects and fire.

The lightweight of this roofing material, alongside its flexibility, makes it easy to work with and allows it to fit into almost all kinds of housing styles. Nonetheless, a metal roof is also eco-friendly not just because it is helpful in reducing energy usage, but it is also manufactured to contain about 25 to 95 percent of recycled materials, not to mention that it can be recycled once it reaches the end of its service life.

With periodic maintenance, you will be able to prevent small problems from turning into big ones and save yourself from the major expense of replacement. So to help prolong the service life of your metal roof, below are some upkeep solutions you can do.

Clean It Up

As mentioned earlier, your metal roof is exposed to the elements, including dirt, dust, fallen leaves and twigs, and other types of pollutants. Over time, these things could accumulate on your roof and get lodged into its gutters and downspouts. When left unattended, these things could add weight to your roof, cause leaks, and even turn into breeding grounds for pests and mold. The best way to avoid these from happening is to clean your roof at least twice a year.

Cleaning metal roofs can be tackled as a DIY project or can be assigned to Pennsylvania Roofer professional roof cleaner. The second option is best if you are not comfortable working at heights and if the build-up of pollutants on your roof has already covered a large portion of the system. Should you decide to clean the roof on your own, start by sweeping or blowing off debris that has accumulated on the surface?

Know that not all metal roofs are created equal. There are units whose sheets are relatively thin and are not capable of supporting heavy weights. So when cleaning your roof, avoid standing on its panels to avoid damaging them. If it cannot be avoided to walk on the surface, be sure to do it on the horizontal support system of your roof, which is comprised of joists and purlins.

Carry Out Inspection, Repair and Replacement

Proper maintenance of metal roofing involves regular inspections to see if the system is in distressed condition. As such, take the time to thoroughly inspect your metal roof to check for distressed panels and fasteners; failures of surface coatings; sealant failures and damages from snow, ice or hail. If you notice any problem, be sure to do the necessary repairs–tighten loose screws and patch up holes and seams to prevent leaks.

While at it, replace components that have reached the end of their expected service lives, such as sealants at penetrations and perimeters and fastener gaskets. When making replacements, be sure to use components that are made from the same type of metal as your roof to prevent the potential for corrosion.

Give It a New Coat

Your metal roof comes with an original factory-applied coating. However, with frequent exposure to the elements, such a coating will experience degradation, which if left unchecked could leave your roof vulnerable to corrosion. To avoid such fate, it is vital that your repaint your roof with a new coating system. This will provide a sacrificial layer to your roof, preventing it from prematurely deteriorating.

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