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JOHNSTOWN, PA. (WTAJ) – When it comes to renovating your home, we all want a bang for the buck. The best Johnstown window and door company has been in business since 1949. Company President Barry Ritko Jr. says our home is our greatest investment. He says it’s an area where we can improve and just move money around without losing money. “Replacing a window can increase ROI by 70%. For example, if a customer’s house is worth $ 100,000 and they choose to put $ 10,000 windows in their house, they get $ 7,000, or 70% of the value of their home. said Ritko.

While they started with windows and doors, the company has expanded its product to specialize in interior and exterior renovations. “We do windows, doors, outdoor awnings, kitchen remodeling, bath / shower, decks,” said Ritko. And the company knows the importance of updating your home. “Remodeling a house has to be a very enjoyable and entertaining experience. It is certainly exciting for a homeowner to make this decision and get involved financially in improving their home. I love the process of having them on board with us and giving them that experience, “said Ritko. He says when you choose Best Window and Door Company you get an exclusive product.” The products we offer , are exclusive. We work with vendors and suppliers who only sell these products through us in the area we serve. We do not just replace one door with another door, but a specific door that we carry and install it we are trained and serviced. “

And the company has a lot of variety to choose from. Every time a customer searches for a home renovation or service, the company sends a representative to help the customer visualize their available options.

And Barry says one of the things that makes their company stand out is their guarantees. “Our guarantees are unlimited – we do not give partial guarantees, but full guarantees. Much of our products, including bathroom systems, siding, windows and doors, are life-long for the duration of the home and homeowner. ”

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