Jasper Forced to Deal With Real Estate Woes

Jasper, Tenn. – The Town of Jasper Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in its third location earlier this month for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting as the town administrates some real estate struggles. The board also moved forward on repairs to a water tank for the water system overseen by the town.

Mayor Jason Turner stated, “We’ve had some damage to the roof of city hall, and the insurance company has come and looked at it, and they’re going to take care of it.” Turner reviewed the proposals for the board of Caps Roofing and Jordan Roofing, revealing that Jordan Roofing was just $200 under Caps. The board elected to accept Jordan’s bid for the fix.

Turner also said, “The reason we’re having these meetings here instead of the annex, we had the air conditioner break at the annex. It’s been a while back, and we were without an air conditioner for about three and a half weeks. Well, we had black mold in the building. So guess what happens to black mold when you put the heat to it? It decided to take over. So we had a professional company come in, and upon inspection, we found that we have asbestos in the floor tiles and the ceiling tiles and adhesive in the ceiling tiles, and adhesive in the floor tiles. So their recommendation was to get everybody out of the building. So we’re looking for a plan, an alternate plan, what we’re going to do. So in the meantime, we’ll be having meetings here {Lawson Building} or at the library. We’re gonna come up with something. Town court will probably be at the library.”

Turner introduced the final results of a bid solicitation for rehabilitating one of the water tanks in the town’s water system. “{Regarding} the city tank, the million-gallon tank on the side of the mountain,” Turner continued, “We had that thing inspected, and it’s long overdue for some repairs. So we put it out for bid. We had eight companies come back with bids.” Turner went through the various bid respondents, which, summarized, looked like the following:

  • G&L Tank $346,005
  • Utility Services Company $397, 700
  • Preferred Tank $475,000
  • Vacuum painting at $477,000
  • Multiple other bidders ranging from $482,000 to $507,000

Turner explained the engineering firm the town contracts with, CROY, had advocated for the low bidder, citing having recently worked with them. The board accepted the recommendation unanimously. Turner added, “Now, this project will not cost us anything. We’re paying using our American Rescue Plan Act money on this.”

According to previous concerns voiced by Vice Mayor Les Price, the board also approved a $16,500 allocation for Mid-South Tank Consultants to oversee the project and look out for “the town’s interest” in the project. In addition, the town used MidSouth’s inspection report to extract the bid specifications.

After a previously approved candidate didn’t work out, Chief of Police Billy Mason asked that the board approve Brantley Young to be hired as a full-time police officer. Young comes POST certified and was approved and sworn in by town attorney Mark Raines, who also serves as the county’s Sessions Court Judge.

The next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be on September 12, at 6 p.m. Location will be announced.

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