ISS astronauts make second spacewalk to fit new solar panels


French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and NASA”s Shane Kimbrough made their second spacewalk in less than a week to install new solar panels on the International Space Station.

The pair were continuing a project they started on Wednesday, which ground to a halt after spacesuit and other issues stopped them from unrolling the first in a series of high-tech solar panels.

NASA originally planned two spacewalks for the job; one for each solar panel. But managers have scheduled a third because of the earlier problems.

The new solar wings are designed to roll out like a red carpet, unlike the station’s old ones which unfolded like an accordion.

Pesquet and Kimbrough managed to bolt down the first solar wing last week, but had to delay making the electrical connections or unfurling the panel to its full 19-metre length.

Pesquet and Kimbrough will go back out Friday to complete work on the second panel, which was delivered by private firm SpaceX earlier this month.

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