In a clever garden room that also doubles as a chic guest house


This clever garden room design by London-based architects De Rosee Sa has an open plan living and kitchen area and can accommodate guests. It even has its own shower room.

It’s the type of design that we expect to become increasingly popular in the current climate where people are more likely to work from home and have children at home too. Therefore, having an extra space to escape is extremely beneficial.

The design of the guest house in the garden room is also ideal for providing grandparents, in-laws and friends with their own little private retreat to escape to during their stay.

After De Rosee Sa finished the interior for this single family home, he turned to the garden and structure at the rear of this west London property. By demolishing an existing building, the architect was able to design a new garden room that better suited the property and the needs of that space.

The garden room was constructed from London floor masonry, with a section of grass leading to the garden room.

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The garden room design includes sandy floors, wood-paneled walls with beautiful built-in shelves and storage, and an inky blue palette.

The garden room can now be used as a separate apartment with its own kitchenette and shower room as well as a striking color palette.

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The walls and wood storage were painted a deep blue to make the room feel intimate and cozy in the winter months, while the windows let in light in the summer months. The wooded ceiling was painted white and the floors weren’t stained.

Artificial lighting has been kept to a minimum to highlight certain areas of the room and increase the feeling of intimacy.

The two rooms on the side of the entrance hall have a shower room and a toilet for guests.

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It’s a very cozy, cozy space – we imagine that it can be used all year round as a quiet retreat at the end of the garden as well as a multifunctional space that can serve as an office and playroom during the lockdown or for hosting of a vulnerable grandparent during lockdown.

The project was completed as part of the overall home renovation, so the cost of building the garden room was combined with the total cost. A garden room similar to this standard could cost anywhere from £ 2,000 to £ 4,000 per square meter.

Photography: Alex James

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