Ikea is launching a range of Solstråle solar panels on the roof


Swedish furniture and houseware giant Ikea has a new plan to save Australians money on their electricity bills by selling solar panel solutions.

The retailer has teamed up with Australian solar energy specialist Solargain to offer the packages, which are designed as an “affordable, turnkey residential solar system”.

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Ikea sells two packages in the new Solstråle range.

The first is a simple solar package on the roof that allows you to generate electricity from the sun during the day and feed electricity back into the grid (saving you money on your electricity bill).

The second package contains a battery storage system that you can use to charge electricity for the night or when the sun is not shining as strongly.

Ikea will also sell an additional “smart meter” that will allow you to monitor your energy consumption through an app so you can see how much you are generating and using.

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Jan Gardber, Ikea’s CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, said the launch was “an important day” for the company in Australia.

“We are proud to have developed this offering in collaboration with our partner, and we hope this will encourage our customers to lead a more sustainable life by removing the barriers to investing in renewable energy,” he said.

Keera Single, CEO of Solargain, said the two companies share a common vision to help Australians reap the benefits of renewable energy.

“By working with a retailer like IKEA, we believe we can reach more households who can switch to solar. This is an exciting opportunity for us to take part. “

Solar roofs are making a huge contribution to renewable energy generation in Australia and are increasing.

The Ministry of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources recently estimated that the amount of energy generated by solar power increased 46 percent over the past year, helping to increase the total contribution of renewables to the grid by two percent.

Ikea’s solar packages are currently available in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Expressions of interest apply to Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide.

Prices depend on how big your home is, how complex the installation is, and what state you live in.

Early adopters in Melbourne will have the opportunity to save substantial on the two new solar packages if they buy before July 1, when a government solar discount ends.

Prices there start at $ 3,227 for the 6.6kW package of 18 solar panels when you factor in the $ 1,888 discount for the Solar Homes program, if you qualify for it.

The same system with an additional 6.5 kWh of battery storage starts at $ 10,246.

In Perth, packages start at $ 4005 and $ 10,952, respectively.

Brisbane shoppers pay the most. Prices start at $ 4,364 and $ 11,240.

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