How to place Windows on any housing surface

Get a little more creative with FF14’s Enclosure Editor and learn what keys need to be bound so you can put windows anywhere.

Final Fantasy 14’s apartment editor can be a bit limited when it comes to placing items, but forcing furniture into new incorrect placements has become a common practice among decorators in Eorzea. We’ve already explained how to swim just about any facility, but that still doesn’t explain it how to place windows on any surface in your Final Fantasy 14 house.

Floating items can be a useful tool in your decorative arsenal, but placing windows on partitions or putting them in the air won’t work if you’re trying to get things done the normal way. Instead, there are a few steps you need to follow to get windows in your home in unconventional locations. Before you begin, there are a few more steps you need to take to prepare.

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What keys to tie for apartment decorations

To put windows in locations where they weren’t intended, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have certain command limits set on your Final Fantasy 14 keyboard shortcuts. To do this, go ahead and navigate to yours Keyboard shortcut the settings. Find the system Tab. You need to make sure you have the commands To confirm and Show subcommands bound to keyboard shortcuts.

Personally, I find these easiest to remember when they’re next to each other. So I tied them to them The End and Clear Key. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just make sure they are accessible as you will have to use these keyboard shortcuts to forcibly place the cabinet furniture mentioned later in this guide.

Place Windows on housing partitions

Now you can get those windows onto finicky housing surfaces. Make sure you have your partition in your inventory or storage space. For this walkthrough, we’ll use a Marble partition. In order for this next trick to work, you need to make sure that your desired window is in your case Storeroom. If you try to select the window from your inventory, it won’t sit on your wall no matter what keyboard shortcuts you use.

Now that your partition has been placed and your window has been placed in the storage room, we can begin the process. In your storeroom menu, click show Preview to make sure you can see the article. Then select your window and move the mouse pointer over the partition. You should now see a purple preview of the window.

The next step is where the actual glitching aspect of this design trick comes into play. If your window preview is visible, go ahead and press yours Show subcommands Key. You should then select the Place with your assignment option To confirm Key. For me that means pushing Clear then The End.

And voila, your window is now on a partition, something Final Fantasy 14 won’t let you do without this bug. You can also use the same trick to put windows in the air or sink some items from your storage space into the floor. Just click Show Subcommands after getting your preview where you want them, then click Confirm. The trick is pretty easy once you get the hang of it and can create new, more interesting home designs in no time!

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