How to maximise financial returns from battery storage: new guide published


Centrica Business Solutions has published a free new guide to maximising financial returns from investment in battery energy storage.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are key to supporting the transition to net-zero, while improving the reliability and resilience of on-site energy generation.

The battery storage optimisation guide is written for businesses, developers and investors who are looking to accelerate risk-free, sustainable energy revenue opportunities that support grid stability.

The whitepaper guide explores the reasons why now is a favourable time to invest in battery storage, how to remove the complexity around the daunting array of revenue options, and how to unlock the best risk-free returns.

Dan Connor, Head of Optimisation at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The financial benefits of investing in battery storage have never been more certain. It’s a real win-win sustainable energy opportunity.

“There is now a window of opportunity to monetise batteries in flexible energy markets and maximise return on investment, while minimising risk. In this way, businesses can accelerate progress towards a net zero energy system that supports a major expansion of renewable energy resources, such as solar and wind power.”

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