How to Make a Divine Deck and Planter Seat


Step 11 Cut the cross pieces to match the total width of the seat. Notch the corners so that the top edge is flush with the top of the stud frame. Nail it into the studs to hold it in place and then screw it in with 85 mm galvanized lath screws.

Step 12 Repair the decking along Face of the planter box and the seat. Overhanging ends of the planter by 19 mm (thickness of the covering). Leave a gap of 3mm to the deck and between the boards. Make sure the edge of the boards on the seat and the top of the planter are 19mm proud so that they are flush with the seat deck and cap of the planter.

Step 13 Attach the faceplate to the side of the cover frame so that the edge is flush with the deck. Run boards over the ends of the planters to complete the integrated look. Attach the boards to the vertical supports (see step 2) and to the tops of the planters, keeping a 3mm gap between the boards.

Step 14 Cut and fasten decking boards like sitting on the main deck (see step 8). Cut the topping off and attach it to the sides of the planter above the seat.

Step 15 Cut and assemble the patios to seal the top of the planters. Miter connects in corners.

Step 16 Allow the wood to weatherproof for four to six weeks to allow the tannins to leach out. Clean the wood with a deck cleaner, then apply two coats of deck oil to allow it to dry after each coat.

Step 17 Attach the aluminum screen to the fence with metal screws.

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