How to Install Fade-Resistant & Low-Maintenance Vesta Steel Siding®

Vesta 5” Plank in Coal with 5” Plank Soffit in Autumn Thistle

Vesta Steel Siding® from Quality Edge® is gaining popularity, mostly for its iconic design and durability but also for its easy install. If you favor the look of Vesta Steel Plank siding; you can install the material horizontally, vertically or as a porch ceiling.

Designed to create an iconic building aesthetic that will look the same as the first day it was installed, Vesta Steel Siding® is competitive in every way to the classic and upkeep-heavy, wood shiplap. Long and narrow panel seams create a subtle reveal for a maintenance free solution that’s an investment owners can count on. This modern adaption of a steel siding profile in a realistic wood grain look is unlike other siding products. Quality Edge has designed a siding solution owners can count on with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Wausau Supply VestaVesta 5” Plank in Gilded Grain

Installing planks

Similar to installing vinyl or aluminum siding, Vesta siding does have some unique techniques to aid in its installation. Support trim, for example should be utilized to maintain the rigidity of the plank panels where it tucks into the J-channel below a window or at the top of a wall.

To begin, starting at the bottom, you first measure down from the soffit, setting the starter strip. Snap a chalk line to indicate the placement of your starter strip, ensuring your siding will be parallel to your windows and soffit for planks to fit together consistently.

To allow panels to expand and contract a 1/8” inch to 3/16” inch gap is required between the nail of screw head and the panel’s flange. Each nail or screw must be driven into a stud, marking studs on exterior house wrap can assist with a fast installation.

J-channel finishes ends against a building and a full siding accessory line is available to finish corners and transitions with other siding materials.

Vesta 5” Plank in Autumn Thistle and Coal

Cutting steel siding

The best saws to use when cutting steel siding are a sliding miter saw and a siding cutting table using a circular saw with many teeth. When cutting steel siding a ferrous cutting carbide tip saw blade must be used. Electric shears are recommended for making long horizontal cuts or rips across faces of siding and nibblers are ideal for cuts that need a considerable amount of control. Tin snips may also be used to cut siding, J-Channel, finish trim or precise cuts.

Although a modern siding profile design, Vesta Steel Siding installation is intuitive and once installed creates an iconic design that is a durable as it is beautiful.

To view complete Vesta Steel Siding installation instructions, visit or contact Wausau Supply Co.®, a leading building materials distributor and manufacturer of Diamond Kote® Building Products and a Platinum Distributor of Quality Edge® Vesta Steel Siding.

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