How to Choose Outdoor Window Shades

Outdoor shades offer several benefits. Window glass often amplifies the sun’s heat, and sometimes indoor window treatments aren’t enough to keep the temperature down. This additional heat can not only make you uncomfortable, but it can also cost you money by making your air conditioning system work harder.

Some types of roller shades are made in exterior solar shade materials that can block the sun’s rays before they make it to your window, making a significant difference on hot summer days. You can get roller shades in a variety of opacities to allow you to either see through the shades or block everything out for privacy.

Solar shades can also protect your furniture and belongings from harmful UV rays. The sun’s UV rays can break down many chemicals found in fabric dyes and furniture, leading to discoloration or fading over time.

To create an outdoor living space, you can add outdoor shades to the sides of a covered porch. The shades can help protect you from the elements while you sit outside in your glider rocker and provide you with privacy from the neighbors.

Outdoor shades can transform your porch into a three-season setting in no time. Spice up the space by adding an outdoor rug or two, along with seating options and throw pillows. Outdoor shades could make great additions to one or all of the sides of your porch, depending on your needs.

Outdoor drapes a fun option for style, privacy

Drapes made from outdoor-friendly materials can add a burst of color or style to your outdoor living space. Using a simple frame, you can add outdoor drapes to enclose an area in the yard for privacy and style, or mount them on your patio or porch. Outdoor drapes work to protect your outdoor furniture, rugs and pillows from the sun’s UV rays, increasing the life span of your outdoor oasis.

Motorization adds convenience

Motorization can be added to most window treatments for your convenience. You can automate the closing and opening of your window treatments, or open and close them with the touch of a button or by voice command.

Operation options include wireless wall switches or hand-held remotes. You can also install sensors that automatically adjust your window treatments based on temperature to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Boost your home’s curb appeal

Not only do outdoor window treatments such as outdoor roller shades and accessories help reduce energy costs, provide you and your family with privacy and keep your home secure, they also add to the curb appeal of your home.

You can share your style and dramatic flair by using these products. Your house will stand out from the rest in your neighborhood, thanks to your brilliant use of colors and designs to draw attention to your home while still serving specific functions. Become the envy of your neighbors with these outdoor options.

Outdoor window treatments can increase home value

Along with making your home more appealing, outdoor window treatments and accessories could make your home worth more overall.

This increase in value may benefit you if you plan a home refinance or wish to list your home on the real estate market. And, even if you don’t have plans to use the increased value of your home anytime soon, it’s still nice to know that a few simple changes have added that value.

Whether you’re looking to add outdoor window treatments to just the side of your house that faces the sun or the neighbors, or you want to hit every window in your home, you can’t go wrong with going outside.

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