How to choose a decorative outdoor shade for your garden

1. Prefabricated screen field

These decorative outdoor shades not only provide privacy, but also make a strong style statement and can transform a room. They can be used to demarcate different zones in your outdoor environment. Create a kitchen or entertainment area separate from your lounge area, or use an architectural screen to highlight a plant or sculpture.

Available in a range of sizes, designs, colors and textures, you can also use an outside screen to hide things like a container or water tank.

Pre-made screens are available in a range of materials and styles, including weathered steel, powder-coated aluminum, and hardwood. Many screen designs can be customized to the size and shape you need.

2. Plants

Plants add a lush, natural element to your outdoor space, reduce noise and provide privacy from neighbors.

According to Yates, Sasanqua camellias, boxes (Buxus spp.), Photinia, Murraya, and Lillypilllies (Acmena smithii or Syzygium leuhmannii) are some good options for screening.

If you are looking for fast growing plants, Searles Gardening recommends Pittosporum Tenuifolims, Viburnum, Hardenbergia (climbing plant), bougainvilleas, bamboo, climbing roses, callistemons and jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides and Jasminum polyanthum).

If you like the idea of ​​greens but don’t want to wait for plants to grow, a vertical garden makes a good outdoor shade and can be placed on top of a wooden or decorative shade.

3. Bamboo sieving

If you are looking for an affordable natural screen, installing a bamboo screen is a great option. Because bamboo is resistant to rot and decay, it is likely to last for many years after installation.

4. Wooden screen

A wooden screen can add a natural element and warmth to your outdoor space and look great when combined with industrial materials. According to Bunnings, you can “choose from a variety of hardwoods, palings, or even a composite material for a durable but environmentally friendly solution.”

5. Grid screen

As a quick, easy, and inexpensive option, an outer mesh screen can be made from either wood or plastic.

According to Bunnings, “Trellis is a versatile material that can serve as a sieve or fence, or you can use it to train and grow plants such as creepers, vines or roses. You could even use it to create a vertical garden in a small courtyard or balcony. “

Mesh can also be used to box in trash cans or a water tank.

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