How Pitch Roofing, LLC is helping customers through the COVID crisis – press release


February 25, 2021 – Omaha, NE – Pitch Roofing is a Nebraska-based roofing company based in Omaha. They have a dedicated team that offers roof replacement, roof repairs, gutter and siding. They are insured contractors who are licensed in the state of Nebraska.

During the COVID crisis, they implemented procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers by ensuring touchless customer interaction and social distancing with employees. Their team of well trained roofers work hard to do quality work while maintaining practices to keep families safe.

Rick Tonar, CEO of Pitch Roofing, said, “We must maintain our quality and customer service while we serve the Nebraska community.”

Unfortunately, the weather elements do not pause during COVID and roofs are damaged and sometimes destroyed. Pitch Roofing, LLC has replaced hundreds of roofs in Nebraska and has years of experience solving roofing problems and rescuing homes.

Property owners are at risk of changing weather conditions on a daily basis. If bad luck ends up at the front door (more on the roof), claims from tornado, wind, hail, snow and rain damage are thankfully covered by the roof insurance. Pitch Roofing can solve these problems and is a proven professional in the industry.

Pitch Roofing works in all regions of Nebraska and can quickly dispatch a crew to your home anywhere in the state. This provides a competitive price for any roof, siding or gutter work.

Rick Tonar also said, “In this stressful time, the good people in Nebraska need a leader in the roofing industry for anything from leaking their roofs to collapsing. They need a company they can trust.”

What clients have said: “The Pitch Roofing crew kept social distance and protected my family while making our home beautiful again.”

Pitch Roofing has a solid reputation in Nebraska with all accreditations. The entire pitch roofing management comes from Nebraska.

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