House Painting Rules That Will Give You The Perfect Exterior Look

Once all the tools are in order, and the paint is purchased, it’s time to prepare the exterior of your home. It may seem tedious, but with the proper preparation, the painting will adhere nicely, and the process will be enjoyable. As mentioned, if the paint is bubbly and peeling, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to paint. It’s also a sure sign that the peeling color has to be scraped off before the new paint goes on. 

Cover the ground where you’ll be scraping and grab your power washer, scraping tool (putty knife or paint scraper), and sandpaper. Five Star Painting writes that you should start with the power washer to remove loose paint pieces. Don’t get too aggressive, or you can mar the wood. Let the siding dry and then scrape in the direction of the wood grain. You can use a broom when you’re done, sweeping downward to remove loose bits. 

Get as much paint off as you can. Painting over loose paint will cause your new paint to peel quickly (via Tribble Painting). Once done, you can easily roll up the drop cloth or whatever ground cover you used and dump the paint scraps in the trash.

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