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The COVID pandemic has caused island residents to spend much more time enjoying their outdoor living area. Patios have become a place for people to meet, greet, and try new activities.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, “Since 2012, the share of new homes being built with patios has been steadily increasing.” Existing homes are adding patios in record numbers. In January 2021, “there were 1.8 million permits issued for outdoor living spaces, a 22.5% increase year over year.”

Here’s how you can improve your patio, based on your budget and time constraints:

5 Minutes:

Some free improvements include simple tasks like sweeping away dirt, leaves, and debris, uprooting weeds, and removing cobwebs from siding on the house by using a wet rag.

Installing new lighting is also a very easy way to illuminate your outside space. String lights and lanterns are about $25+.

30 Minutes fixup:

A comfortable hanging chair has become a popular new item to spruce up the patio. They usually go for around $400, depending on the style.

To add vibrance to the patio, there are a number of things you could do. Make sure to sand the edges, replace rusty nails, and pull out any weeds. Those, along with adding new mulch to the garden will tremendously improve the patio. Sandpaper and mulch cost around $10-15.

1 Hour:

Permanent water features are typically adored. The sound and visuals of the running water can reduce stress. Typical water features cost around $200-plus.

Installing statement planters and potted plants drastically improve the patio’s liveability and resale value. Planters are around $20-100, while potted plants are $5+.

3 Hours:

This should give you enough time to give your patio a deep clean. Get rid of the built-up dirt and algae on the floor, and even on the side of the house.

Renting a power washer is $30+ a day.


With a full weekend, you should be able to accomplish a few of the tasks listed above, and one of the longer ones below.

You can install an extension of your kitchen outside (which is not as expensive or time-consuming as it may seem). Modular kitchens are $600+. If you want to add extras, some ideas are: serving carts ($100+) and outdoor refrigerators ($500+).

If you want to start growing your own food, small vertical or potted gardens are a great option. To start it, Vertical garden supplies are $150+. Some accessories you will need are $75+ raised boxes and beds, along with pots for $10+.

Ace Hardware in Key Biscayne, located on 800 Crandon Blvd, is a good place to pick up some quick items to help you spruce up your patio. Call then ahead to make sure they have what you need – (305) 361-2118. 

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