GoodWe’s PV building materials playing an important part in development of smart green technology

GoodWe PV Building Materials – Sunshine Series

GoodWe has launched its latest BIPV solution under the slogan of “making every building generate electricity.”

Having set its vision on driving the world’s smart energy future by turning every building into a micro-power plant, the company has launched a one-stop EcoSmart Home solution which perfectly integrates PV building materials with inverters, storage batteries, EV chargers and a Smart Energy Management System (SEMS), providing users with fully privately-owned energy generation, conversion, storage, monitoring, and management, incorporating integrated control systems.

GoodWe’s PV building materials have a modular and aesthetically pleasing design, accommodating a variety of roofing styles and compatible with traditional roofing tiles, including sunshine, universal flat, universal drainage fitting and universal ridge fitting tiles. They also offer flush-seam and staggered-seam layout solutions, as well as Dense Roofing Technology, resulting in a complete roofing solution.

Compared to traditional roofing materials, GoodWe’s building materials boast numerous advantages, including fully waterproofed components to help prevent water leakage and an integrated rapid shutdown feature to avoid fire risks. The materials are capable of withstanding high temperatures of up to 2,000°C (3,632 F°) and, with a thermal insulation feature and unique heat dissipation channels, the temperature of roofs covered with the company’s materials can be 2 to 4°C (36 to 39°F) lower than those of conventional roofs.

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