Get Energy Efficient Windows in Summer


When the temperatures outside start to rise in the summertime, many homeowners start thinking more about energy efficiency and practical measures for controlling the temperature inside. This leads to many different remodeling projects in the mid-summer season, from new roofs and attic insulation up top, all of the way down to new floors and insulation on the bottom. 

However, one of the most essential features of keeping a home energy-efficient and cool during the summertime is the windows! 

Windows do wear with time, especially cheaper window pane options. The UV resistance, pane thickness, seals, and clarity all slowly degrade, leaving your home less protected from extreme temperatures outside. This means hotter temperatures indoors during the summer and cold drafts throughout the house during the wintertime. 

Fortunately, there are some very promising and effective materials to choose from when picking out new windows! 

Whether you’re on a budget and need an economical option or are flush with cash and looking for luxury, vinyl windows will work for you! Single pane and double pane window options will come at a much more economical cost than triple pane windows. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. 

Triple pane vinyl windows will last 20-40 years, whereas single panes may warp over just 10-15 years!

Why Should You Install Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows have come a long way in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency! The discolored, cracked vinyl of your parents’ era is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Vinyl windows are a popular choice for the following reasons-

●    Vinyl windows have a high R-rating (thermal resistance rating)

●    Vinyl is much more affordable than alternatives

●    It is resistant to the elements

●    It is scratch-free PVC technology

●    Window vinyl is available in a wide variety of appealing accent colors

●    You may qualify for a tax credit if your new windows are vinyl

How Big Of A Difference Does Triple Pane Really Make?

Triple pane windows make an enormous difference in energy efficiency and temperature regulation in your home! Installing triple pane windows can improve other aspects of your home life as well! 

●    Vinyl triple pane windows allow less than 5% of thermal energy to pass-through

●    Vinyl triple pane windows dramatically cut down on noise pollution from outside 

●    Vinyl triple pane windows provide additional security

●    Vinyl triple pane windows provide a fresh, clean look to your home

Don’t wait; beat the heat this summer! Make the switch to vinyl windows today!

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