Garden gates: 11 garden gate ideas and tips for a stylish appearance

Looking for wonderful garden gate ideas? Whether it is the entrance to your home, is on the back or side of your property, or goes from one zone to another, a garden gate can be a fabulous garden feature in itself. In other words, just remember that it’s only functional and you’re missing out on a trick.

Do you want some inspiration? We’ve rounded up some brilliant garden gate ideas that you can use in your own space, large or small, and whether you live in an urban setting or in the country (or you definitely want to make the country look). We were inspired by Monty Don’s pretty gate – you can see it below too.

You can find more great ideas for your outdoors in our garden ideas function. Scroll down for ideas for a beautiful garden gate.

1. Paint a tall security gate for the garden to make it pretty

Back gate of the Regency town house

(Photo credit: Kasia Fiszer)

You may need a garden gate that is actually a door for security reasons, but that isn’t a reason it looks hideous. So copy this idea for a garden gate: choose a bold shade that is eye-catching and transform it from barrier to beauty. Which color should i choose? You can’t go wrong with a shade of blue or green in the garden, as it harmonizes with the surroundings, or how about a sunny yellow?

Can you put a padlock or smart lock (check out our buying guide for the best)? If so, consider how the mail might get delivered and how you can identify and receive visitors from inside the house. Adding lighting around a locked gate will help you identify visitors and provide additional security.

In addition to thinking about whether your gate needs to protect pets and children, consider that you simply need to position a latch high enough for the little ones to reach.

Shop gate bolt and bolt:

2. Choose a wrought iron gate for country house appeal

Gate to the cottage garden with birdhouse and extensive ivy

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

The benefits of a wrought iron gate? They have a classic style that you won’t tire of, yes, but the other big selling point is that not only do they create an elegant entrance, but they also don’t create a solid barrier. Instead, you get enticing glimpses of the garden behind it. The result is that choosing one of these areas can create excitement while exploring even the smallest of gardens. This is an idea for a garden gate that we are on board with.

3. On a budget? Choose a wooden garden gate

corrugated top fence and gate

When you need to combine a low fence with a gate, this Hampton design, H100 x W100 x D4.5cm from Forest, creates a pretty effect: £ 103.99

Create a farmhouse garden? A complicated garden gate made of metal or wood fits and is not too expensive. Contemporary home? Think of a flush finish, streamlined, and razor sharp. Urban terrace? Look for something that reflects what might originally have been up on your garden path.

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4. Choose a Mediterranean shade to add a pop of color

Little Greene exterior colors

(Image credit: Little Greene)

When you’ve planted bright, pretty blooms in your garden, choose a garden gate idea that can withstand them. An easy way to do this is with color: choose a bold Mediterranean hue (pink, yellow, orange) that matches your blooms and beautify your garden in no time.

Buy modern garden gates:

Wrought iron spearhead gate in brick wall

Secure a side path for yourself with this elegant tall gate in Montford. H183.5 x W77 x D2 cm, with a classic arrowhead design and galvanized and powder coated for corrosion resistance, £ 84.49 from Grange Fencing

When considering both garden fence ideas and garden gate ideas, make sure that the two complement each other. It will add a smart allure to your garden. If matching materials don’t work, see if what you’re having your gate made of can still complement the material of your border. For example, cast iron gates look fabulous when paired with antique-style brick walls, and wooden gates work well with pasture fence panels.

6. Do you want a rustic look? Cope Monty Don’s garden gate idea

Think about how your gate complements the style of the garden – or the portion of the property – it leads to. The gate to the orchard in Monty Don’s garden is rustic and compliments the well-established trees and long grass behind. Imagine a brand new gate here. it just wouldn’t look that good.

Floranica treated wooden garden gate, £ 64.99

This gate design was designed to develop a silver-gray patina after about a year. It has rustic charm.

7. Match the gate to the color of the front door

18th century cottage

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

A garden gate in the same color as the front door creates an elegant entrance. Additionally, this look works for both old cottages like this one and townhouses. Having the gate and path leading straight to the front door can be an especially effective choice, but even having a gate to one side will help make your home look attractive.

Shop traditional wooden gates:

8. Frame the view of your garden gate with a hedge

Flowers for sale on the table at the entrance to the summer garden

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

With a gate below and an arch above, you can make the entrance to your garden feel like stepping into another world. You could grow a hedge like this up here, but for a far quicker solution just choose a gate and arch combination. You can then grow climbing plants around it, which will soften the lines and add fragrance and color.

9. Remember that your garden gate may require planning permission

black wrought iron gate

The Sheshan range of gates from The Wrought Iron Gate Company is available in

Especially if you live in a nature reserve, you should always first check that the gate you are planning to buy is accepted by your local planning authority.

10. Don’t forget the posts for your garden gate

Wrought iron gate and fence in the style of the era

Commission Rayment Wire with a tailor-made creation. This wrought iron gate was handcrafted from British steel to fit the space. H90 x W100 x D5cm, it’s done in Antique Etch on galvanized steel, £ 700

Make sure the goal posts or structure that support the goals are strong enough for this purpose and upgrade if necessary. Use quality furnishings that are designed for this purpose.

11. Your gate needs maintenance

wooden oak gate set in a hedge

Use a gate to create a focal point with this bespoke example of spiced oak from Garden Trellis. H210 x W100 x D20cm (plus frame) costs approximately £ 5,000 including the post and arch

Clean and grease the hinges of your garden gates at least once a year so that the mechanism can move freely. Also pay attention to the material of the gate. It needs to be painted and stained to make it sound and look as good as new.

Check out our selection of top fence stains that you can use to maintain wooden gates. Once you’ve decided on metal garden gates, check out our guide to cleaning, repairing, and repainting old iron railings.

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