Ferguson Roofing Completes ’80 in 80 ‘Charity Campaign | Community


Ferguson Roofing has successfully donated $ 40,000 in money, time, or services to 57,501 (c) (3) organizations upon completion of their “80 in 80” charitable campaign. The St. Louis-based roofing company launched this campaign in 2019 to celebrate its 80th anniversary. It plans to donate 80 grants to 80 organizations in need.

Ferguson Roofing nominated 36 nonprofits, while 20 more were publicly nominated for grants. Another 20 of the 80 grants were originally awarded for trade grants to assist students with lessons or materials. Ferguson Roofing realized early on in their campaign that they didn’t have the bandwidth to connect with that audience. Instead, they decided to pool the funds, time, and resources for the scholarships and put them into a support program for a business school, North County Tech.

Because of the time and resources invested in Bikes for Tykes, a volunteer organization that repairs, refurbishes, and remodels bicycles for children, they were awarded a total of five grants.

The full list of participants can be found at https://fergusonroofing.com/80in80/award-recipients/

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