EPB, TVA Complete 600th Home Uplift Energy Renovation, Announce Additional Funding

As global energy markets push up local electric bills, EPB and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have completed their 600th Home Uplift energy renovation for people in need and announced the investment of another $1,068,146 to keep the program going strong during this critical time.

Through Home Uplift, the EPB Energy Pros and TVA EnergyRight work with neighbors in need to provide substantial home energy upgrades at no charge to reduce their energy bills and improve the air quality. Both homeowners and renters can apply for the program.

Through the Home Uplift partnership, the EPB’s Energy Pros provided Joyce Threat with a new HVAC to replace her propane furnace along with complete insulation, air sealing throughout her home and more. According to Threat, the program saved her thousands of dollars when the price of propane spiked last winter with the likelihood of even higher prices during the next cold season. “I got my Home Uplift just in time,” said Threat. “I’m very happy with the job they did and the service they gave me. My daughter has asthma, and she doesn’t cough anymore when she visits me.”

Eligible Home Uplift participants may receive duct replacement, water heater and pipe insulation, wall insulation, HVAC clean and tune, windows and door replacement, and replacing heat pumps, water heaters and refrigerators. On average, EPB’s Home Uplift participants save more than $400 on their energy costs each year with those who have the highest energy burden saving much more.

“Home Uplift participants understand that this program is about more than just energy efficiency,” said Cindy Herron, Vice President, TVA Energy Services & Programs. “We’re strengthening their quality of life by lowering their monthly power bills and improving home comfort, health and safety.”

“As global forces drive up local energy bills, EPB is placing a priority on supporting our community through our EPB Energy Pros programs which include Home Uplift, free EPB Home Energy Checkups for all EPB customers and other offerings designed to help our neighbors get the most value for the energy they use,” said David Wade, president & CEO of EPB.

“In recent years, we have accelerated the number of Home Uplift energy renovations we complete each year while also providing free expert guidance from the EPB Energy Pros to all of our customers in-person, virtually, by phone, through our at Home with EPB Energy Pros video series and more.”

EPB and TVA first partnered in 2015 to provide high-impact home energy upgrades to qualified homeowners with the goal of helping them enhance the energy efficiency of their residence. Those who qualify receive home improvements at no cost to help them dramatically reduce their power bills. Since then, EPB, TVA, the City of Chattanooga and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) have invested a total of $7.4 million locally. Across the Tennessee Valley, TVA has invested more than $21.68 million in the program. 

Analyzing Smart Grid weather-normalized energy data, EPB found each of the 600 homes will save more than 4,000 kWh on average each year, for a total of two million kWh each year. 

Savings translate to approximately 1,800 metric tons of avoided greenhouse gas creation, an environmental impact that equals avoiding the use of 1.9 million pounds of coal or more than 4,000 barrels of oil.

“Some Hamilton County residents have to make difficult decisions about what bills they can afford to pay, a harsh reality for more people as energy costs remain high,” said Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger. “Home Uplift gives families the peace of mind and better quality of life that comes from being able to address their needs.”

“By lowering energy bills for some of our most vulnerable residents, Home Uplift is helping people stay in their homes, while also improving their health and reducing our greenhouse-gas emissions,” said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. “As Chattanooga continues to grow, programs like Home Uplift are key to preserving affordable housing and ensuring a more sustainable future for our city.”

In addition to joining other partners in funding the program, EPB also staffs Home Uplift with EPB Energy Pros who work with eligible Home Uplift participants to identify the home energy renovations that will provide them with the best cost-savings on their monthly bills.

The EPB Energy Pros provide free expertise and services that are available to all EPB customers.  For example, they provide free EPB Home Energy Checkups, in-person assessments of customers’ homes and provide them with personalized recommendations about the most cost-effective ways to make their homes healthier and more energy efficient.

EPB Energy Pros can also provide guidance to help customers plan solar installations, install EV chargers and make home energy renovations. They’ll even inspect the contractor’s work when the project is done to ensure optimal customer benefit. In addition, EPB Energy Pros are available for phone consultations on all home energy related topics from questions about buying major appliances, what kind of insulation will provide the most cost-effective savings, to whether it’s time to buy a new hot water heater.

All of these services are available to both homeowners and renters at no charge to help them get the most value from the energy they use. Customers can call our EPB Energy Pros at 423-648-1372 or book an appointment at EPB.com/energypros.

EPB, TVA, and the City of Chattanooga encourage neighbors in need to apply now for Home Uplift by going to: epb.com/homeuplift. Renters can also apply to the program with consent from their landlord.

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