EnergyHub supports the DERMS platform with Mercury Edge Connect and enables utility companies to integrate with any DER provider

EnergyHub today announced the release of Mercury Edge Connect, a standardized integration framework for connecting DER providers to EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS

BROOKLYN, NY and San Carlos, CA, February 18, 2021: EnergyHub today announced the release of Mercury Edge Connect, a standardized integration framework for connecting DER providers to EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS. Mercury Edge Connect enables utilities to manage devices from any DER provider to provide grid services. The addition of Mercury Edge Connect strengthens EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS ability to act as a single platform for utilities to orchestrate off-the-meter DERs into mission-critical, virtual resources at scale.

The design for Mercury Edge Connect is based on EnergyHub’s years of experience delivering Grid Edge DER portfolios. The feature includes a suite of technical tools and business processes to optimize and standardize integration with new DER providers so that EnergyHub can scale its already industry-leading DER partner ecosystem faster.

“The ability to integrate with a broad ecosystem of DER providers helps National Grid achieve our goal of managing a diverse, reliable DER portfolio and helping our customers contribute to grid health with their favorite devices,” said John Isberg , Vice President Customer Sales and Solutions at National Grid. “With these functions, we can add DER providers to our programs more quickly, further expand our DER portfolio and drive the decarbonization of our network.”

A single control point for the management of a DER

The growing market for connected thermostats, electric vehicle chargers, solar and storage systems, and other connected devices has resulted in millions of customer-owned DERs, managed by hundreds of different service providers, being deployed in utility areas. Utilities need a single tool to aggregate and manage these DERs behind the meter. This allows you to monitor and optimize various DER portfolios in almost real time in order to achieve the utilities’ goals. EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS is specifically designed to orchestrate these unmeasured, variable, and customer-constrained DERs to deliver value for the entire utility

Mercury Edge Connect provides EnergyHub with a standardized framework for integration with any DER service provider in the market. This feature will accelerate the growth of EnergyHub’s already industry-leading partner ecosystem and ensure that utilities can keep up with the rapidly evolving DER market.

“The growth of DERs will disrupt distribution and market operations and transform the way utilities operate control rooms. EnergyHub, the DERMS network fleet provider with the largest portfolio in the US, continues to build integration and partnerships with manufacturers.” has developed into one. ” The only point of contact between customer resources and utility systems, “said Fei Wang, grid edge research manager at Wood Mackenzie Research.

A basis for DER success

The access to a large ecosystem of DER providers enabled by Mercury Edge Connect will be critical to the long-term success of a utility’s strategy for managing DERs behind the meter. By opening up participation in DER programs to devices from more vendors, utilities can make it easier for their customers to participate in these programs, expand DER portfolios faster, and reach more DERs under management. Enabling participation by a wide variety of DER manufacturers is key to utility company efforts to support customer selection.

The first integration framework for the true-to-scale management of DERs behind the meter

At the heart of Mercury Edge Connect is a new API specifically designed for large-scale management of DERs behind the meter. The API is based on the Open ADR standard and provides advanced functionality for automated registration, monitoring and other functions required to manage company-wide portfolios of grid-edge and customer-owned DERs.

“Mercury Edge Connect is fundamental to fulfilling our mission to enable utilities to turn the complexity at the edge of the grid into reliable resources for utilities,” said Matt Johnson, vice president of business development, EnergyHub. “As DERs behind the meter continue to proliferate and evolve, Mercury Edge Connect EnergyHub provides a unique tool for addressing our customers’ needs and ensuring they are well positioned to take advantage of edge changes.”

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