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Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to transform the environment. However, if you don’t know how to do it, the task can quickly become an absolute nightmare. Knowledge of painting techniques and tips is exactly what separates an amateur painter from true professionals. So, if you want to break this barrier and paint any room in your home flawlessly, these tips are for you otherwise you can go for the help of painters like painting contractors at Hawaii amongst many others. Here are eight painting tricks that will help anyone to paint the walls like a professional.

1. Buy Quality Paints

Using suitable quality paints is the first step in making a painting look professional. The best materials can cost a little more; however, the durability will be more extended, and the result will be much more pleasant than a cheaper alternative.

2. Keep An Eye On The Weather

Doing the wall painting on a wet day can be more complicated as it takes longer to dry. To speed up the drying time between layers, it is advisable to paint the house on a sunny day with little rain.

3. Prepare The Wall

Just as important as painting the wall itself is preparing the surface before starting work. This means that any cracked or peeled area needs to be lightly sanded or scraped before applying primer and paint. Greasy stains also need to be removed with a bit of soap and water. The holes must be filled with putty and then sanded to maintain the uniformity of the surface.

Even if the wall has no imperfections, be sure to clean it to remove all dust. Thus, the paint will have a better grip, and the result will be more professional.

4. Use Primer

The primer has three main functions:

  • It blocks stains on the wall.
  • It allows for better coverage with a single coat of paint.
  • It improves the adhesion of the paint, which considerably reduces problems with bubbles and peeling.

In this step, one of the leading professional painting tips is to apply the primer in a tone close to the color of the paint. This trick is even more valuable if you will paint the wall with a dark color as it helps to achieve the ideal coverage using less paint.

5. Mix The Inks

There is a variation of hue in each batch of the same color. So, ideally, you should have an estimate of the amount of ink you need and buy it all at once. If it is necessary to use more than one gallon, do as professionals and mix the paints. That way, you get consistent color from start To Finish.

6. Cover The Floor With Cardboard

Cardboard or newspaper are the best alternatives to cover the floor while you paint the walls. Plastic is not recommended as the paint takes longer to dry when it falls. This way, you are more likely to step and get dirty all over the house. On the cardboard, the paint dries quickly, avoiding dirt.

7. W Trick

Pay attention, as this is one of the most valuable painting tips. Paint a letter “W” on the wall and guide yourself to continue painting. This will ensure more excellent color uniformity as you will have greater control over the amount of paint on the entire surface and still avoid roller stains.

8. Paint from top to bottom

An amateur’s paint job usually has paint drips and splashes at the end. On the other hand, a professional painter corrects mistakes as they roll the paint roller down the wall. So always remember to paint from top to bottom to achieve a uniform and genuinely professional appearance, if you find this hard, the you need the services of a professional painter which you can find both online and offline like painting contractors at Hawaii amongst many other good ones.

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