DJ back on the home decks and on a Laksa


DARA Hayes, also known as DJ Tigerlily, is happy to be on home soil, digging into a laksa in Darwin.

“I can’t even describe it to you; I hung out for this Laksa for two weeks, ”she said.

The blue-haired DJ will return to the decks of Discovery on Friday night after touring internationally for the past year.

It’s been a challenging week for Hayes after leaked an edited nude Snapchat online, but the performer turned the negative into a positive and started a crowdfunding campaign for Headspace to support victims of bullying.

“I have spoken out against misogyny, sexism and online bullying many times, and I believe that as young people we should strengthen and support one another instead of tearing each other down,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

But Hayes wanted to leave the saga behind and focus on her time back home in Australia.

“I’ve been home for six weeks now, playing shows all over Australia, but I’m really exciting and happy to be home,” she said

But life on the street is not as easy as it seems as the DJ constantly strives for a bit of routine.

“I don’t think people understand (how challenging tours can be), they often ask how my vacation is going and I have to grin and take it.”

“It’s difficult to find balance, having downtime and keeping your health on the road, so there are many difficult challenges

“But I can travel to all of these random places and experience and taste the food, see different parts of the world that I would never see if I just traveled.”

“I get to know all these crazy, great fans and it shows me the power that music has to connect people all over the world.”

“It’s just an adventure.”

TIGERLILY at Discovery on Friday April 1st from 10pm