Deck Designs Australia – 10 Decking Ideas for Your Home

A deck is a raised surface (often attached to the back door of a house) which is used to elevate an outdoor recreational area. Most of the time, decks will be decorated with outdoor furniture and seating. Other common features of a deck include outdoor cooking features such as a barbeque or grill, a fireplace, and often an attached pool.

Decks are extremely popular around Australia. They provide you with an in-between space which is not quite indoors but not fully outdoors either. Decks are accessible, relaxing and comfortable. They are also great for entertaining as they will expand your home capacity for guests. Beyond the personal benefits, adding a deck is an investment that can recoup a return of more than 75%.

How to build a deck Australia

The recouperation value is entirely dependent on the quality of the deck. Nobody wants to buy a house with a deck that will cost them thousands to redo. Because of this, you want to choose your materials carefully and do your research beforehand. Many people choose to DIY a new deck at home. While this is doable, it is important to make sure that you follow the proper procedures such as sealing timber after it has been laid. Incorrectly sealed timber will rot quickly and can provide a massive hazard for anyone walking on the deck.

Deck ideas Australia: How to design a deck

The most common dimensions of a deck in Australia are 6x8m. On average, most decks are between 300-400 square feet. In terms of shape, decks are usually wider than they are deep – they run along the side of the house. If you want a larger deck space, it is likely that you would be advised to make your deck multiple levels.

There are a few things to consider in the planning stages. One of the most pressing concerns is the rules and regulations around building a deck. In NSW, you will not need a permit to build a deck on your home unless the deck is larger than 25 square metres. However, Queensland is much stricter and most decks will require a building permit. Be sure to check your local council planning restrictions for clear information. Other things to keep in mind are the size of your block and the size of the proposed deck.

The cost of building a deck will vary greatly depending on the material, design and size of the deck. Generally speaking, a new timber deck can cost anywhere between $3,500-$11,500+ depending on its size. Labour costs will also vary by state, with NSW charging on average $200 to $210 per metre squared while Western Australian prices fall as low as $170 to $180. To help you understand the options available, here is a list of the most common decking ideas in Australia.

The most popular deck designs, pictures and plans in Australia: Pool deck ideas, timber decking ideas and more

10. Treated pine

Treated pine is a popular decking material because it is cheap, easy to install and versatile. Pine is one of the most durable softwoods and once treated it will be termite and decay resistant. It is crucial to make sure that the pine is treated with paint, oil or sealant to make sure that the durability will last.

09. Over pool

inground swimming pool with deck garden green

Having a deck that blends seamlessly into a pool is a beautiful and intriguing modern design. Just be sure to check that your fences around the pool area are up to regulation. See this swimming pool guide for more.

08. With safety railing

patio deck outdoors stone with railing

Adding a railing is a great way to make sure nobody gets hurt. It also provides structure to the deck and can look quite beautiful. With a railing, you have styling options such as Christmas lights during the holiday season or even climbing plants such as wisteria.

07. Composite

composite decking

Composite is a type of material used for decking which is made from a blend of plastic film and wood fibres. It is becoming much more popular in recent times for its durability and low maintenance, which rivals even the most popular decking material – natural timber. Take a look at the grey composite decking pictured above here on the NeoTimber catalogue.

06. Modern

modern multi level deck ideas

Modern deck designs are all about levels. Platforms and conversation pits are extremely popular at the moment. Layering your deck creates a level of visual intrigue that is easy to style and looks fantastic.

05. Small steel frame

steel frame deck

Steel is another common material for outdoor use due to its incredible durability. Steel frame decks have a very similar appearance to timber decks, but with much greater sustainability. See this overview of steel frame decks for more.

04. Spotted gum

spotted gum deck design

Spotted gum is a gorgeous decking option with strong practical advantages. It has a superior durability, hardness, density and strength. Spotted gum is also naturally resistant to termites, stains and fire.

03. Elevated deck ideas Australia

elevated deck timber design two storey

An elevated deck is a great way to extend your living and entertaining space. Because it flows on naturally from the house, it feels like a mixture of both an indoor and outdoor space. Elevating your deck will also ensure that you have better views of the outdoors, as well as privacy from neighbours.

02. Enclosed deck ideas Australia

enclosed deck pergola design timber pitched roof rustic

When it comes to covered deck ideas, the classic pitched roof will never go astray. This is the perfect way to allow you to enjoy your backyard even on rainy days. For those who still want the sunlight and open sky experience, you may want to consider installing a louvered roof which will allow you to open and close the roof at will.

01. Luxury hardwood timber

luxury hardwood jarrah deck timber

Timber is by far the number one choice of material for decks across Australia. High quality Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt or Eucalyptus are expensive but well worth it for their improved durability and aesthetic value. Merbau is a type of timber that meets in the middle for beauty and affordability.

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