Curb appeal isn’t the only; what you see entering a home matters too


Whether you simply want to wow guests and the members of your household, or you’re looking to make a splash in the housing market with an updated, modern look, check out these interior enhancement ideas.

• Go clean and modern.

Did you know that it can be easy to change out your existing ho-hum balusters? Check out the Concealed Iron Baluster Installation Kit from L.J. Smith Stair Systems.

The kit is used for installing 1/2-inch-square hollow iron balusters to open treads and level runs, resulting in a clean finished look that’s totally contemporary and on-trend.

• Refresh moldings.

Looking to upgrade base and crown moldings? You don’t need to replace them entirely to get a fresh new look. Save time, money and effort by simply covering them over with CoverTrim from Ornamental Decorative Millwork.

Designed to install over existing moldings, these primed and ready-to-paint pieces are made of durable medium density fiberboard for an easy DIY job.

• Elevate hardware.

Replacing door hardware is a simple way to upgrade the look of your doors and add a personal touch. Designer brand Bravura Hardware offers premium, environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant crystal door hardware that conveys elegance and style with sleek, smooth edges.

Bravura also offers a design-your-own-hardware tool so homeowners can customize, combining knobs, levers and rosettes with a choice of seven backplate designs and seven finishes.

• Get sophisticated.

The new line of Hollow Iron Balusters from L.J. Smith Stair Systems can add a touch of sophistication to stairways. One of the styles features a single acrylic orb, a second design features sophisticated ornate detail, and the third boasts an expanded center diameter.

The marquis center of the fourth option pairs well with the manufacturer’s plain 1/2-inch-square baluster. For homes with staircases directly in the foyer, this is a project that can make a particularly striking impact.

• Upgrade interior doors and windows.

Instantly upgrade the appearance of interior doors, windows and cased openings with Craftsman Crossheads from Ornamental Decorative Millwork. The one-piece, pre-built crosshead comes in five common widths and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Made of poplar and factory-primed, once painted, it can be secured quickly above a door or window for a fast, custom-looking upgrade that enhances the style of any room in the home with minimal effort.

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