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The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from Aug. 10 to 17:

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

Jason C. Hardt to Marti L. Harvey Ivins and Christopher E. Ivins, 111 Geronimo Trail, Winchester, Shawneeland, $230,000.

NVR Inc. to MADA LLC, 123 Birmingham Drive, Middletown, Village at Middletown, $409,990.

Joan M. Hughes and Paul Hughes to Robert J. Kasabian and Elizabeth C. Kasabian, 110 Cedar Creek Forest Lane, Winchester, Cedar Creek Forest, $525,000.

Westview Custom Homes LLC to Archie L. Conover and Jean S. Conover, 111 Nittany South Way, Stephens City, Apple Banks South, $844,900.

Ralph Gregory to 136 Musket Drive LLC, 136 Musket Drive, Winchester, $988,300.

Gainesboro District

Estate of Claudia J. Bain to Brian T. Hazelwood and Lori J. Hazelwood, 161 Chickadee Lane, Winchester, 7 acres, $315,000.

Wakeland Manor LC to Brandon L. Wakeman and Lindsey Richardson, 345 Union View Lane, Winchester, $375,000.

Steven J. Wojcik to Dusti Minter and Lee E. Hammerl, 293 Majestic Oaks Lane, Gore, 10 acres, $514,900.

Estate of Katherine A. Jorden to Jarred M. Merriam and Lori Ann Merriam, 2812 Hunting Ridge Road, Winchester, Creek View Farms, $599,900.

Westview Custom Homes LLC to Gerald L. Mitchell and Cynthia S. Mitchell, 146 Creola Drive, Winchester, Hunting Ridge Estates, $650,535.

Opequon District

Joshua Q. Layman to James H. Baker Sr. and Susan Ann Baker, 5350 Water St., Stephens City, $242,500.

Arthur L. Baker III and Debra A. Baker to Kevin Saunders and Rebecca Baker, 897 Canterburg Road, Stephens City, $253,000.

Kimberly A. Holmes and Cecil B. Holmes to Abrahan Magallanes Cardona and Mayra C. Esparza, 114 Ian Court, Stephens City, Village at Sherando, $310,000.

Thomas Margoupis and Kathy M. Margoupis to Stefania Zambiasi and Gregory Zambiasi, 102 Peregrine Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $682,000.

Robert F. Drewniak and Suzanne J. Drewniak to Ann F. Armstrong, 105 Grosbeak Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $759,900.

Shea Homes LP to Jerald Don Wirth and Patricia Depew Wirth, 173 Milkweed Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $862,348.

Red Bud District

McDaniel Properties LLC to Kyle Godwin and Brandy Denise Godwin, 203 Willowbrook Court, Winchester, Brookland Heights, $242,000.

Nga-Lai Poon and Nga-Kwan Poon to Robert Brian Biroscak and Gail Marie Biroscak, 108 Sequoia Drive, Winchester, Fieldstone, $390,000.

Gabriel B. Always and Hannah-Mariah F. Always to Amy Maynard and Daniel Maynard, 105 Fern Court, Winchester, Apple Ridge, $395,000.

Brendan Allen to Elias Campos Romero, 2384 Senseny Road, Winchester, $415,000.

Paul C. Wolford and Michelle M. Wolford to Michael D. Larson and Diana J. Larson, 211 Ladyslipper Drive, Winchester, Briarwood Estates, $473,000.

Shawnee District

Nicole Johnston to Marcus L. Thompson and Christina C. Thompson, 94 Chinkapin Drive, Unit 9, Stephens City, Lakeview Condominium, $204,000.

DRB Group Mid-Atlantic LLC to Rebecca A. Poorbaugh, 124 Copeley Circle, Winchester, Freedom Manor, $330,824.

Sharon Toussaint, executrix of the estate of Leo M. Branchaud, to Thomas B. Gramer, 219 Wakeland Drive, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $343,000.

Ronald E. Kuykendall and Shelby Y. Kuykendall to Oscar Salomon Villatoro, 120 Fair Lawn Court, Stephens City, Lakewood Manor, $375,000.

Michael Pannell and Jennifer Pannell to Joao Henrique Perteira Da Silva and Monalisa Bergantin Francabandiera Silva, 419 Talamore Drive, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $453,000.

Ray Christian Racer, executor of the estate of Ray C. Racer, to Melody A. Popp, 124 Atoka Drive, Winchester, Saratoga Meadows, $490,000.

Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Anne ML Hart and Jeffry B. Neubauer Sr., 127 Raven Oaks Drive, Winchester, Raven Oaks, $509,484.

Wright’s Run LP to Marcel DR Property LLC, 8.1 acres on Tasker Road Winchester, $974,400.

Stonewall District

Patrick McGehee to Srikanth Rudrakshi and Indira Radhika Pulla, 114 Brasstown Loop, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $325,000.

Terry R. Hammaker and Bonnie S. Hammaker, trustees of the Hammaker Family Joint Trust, to Shane E. Doucet and Heather M. Doucet, 142 White Hall Road, Winchester, $345,000.

Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Ericson Oliver S. Llanes and Marly Cantarero-Llanes, 110 Interlace Way, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $415,540.

Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Enver Sedat Camlicay and Jasmine Elizabeth Camlicay, 125 Jewel Box Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $426,000.

Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Junior G. Lovo-Reyes, 106 Interlace Way, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $430,235.

Anastasia L. Wise, administrator of the estate of Alexis L. Krafchak Wise, to Caleb J. Golchert and Caitlin Joy Cavanaugh, 103 Sentinel Drive, Winchester, Star Fort, $449,900.

July building permits over $50,000

Back Creek District

VSS Development LLC, Mountain Valley Estates, three single-family dwellings, 204, 206 and 210 Decatur Circle, Stephens City, $200,000 each.

Westview Custom Homes LLC, Shawneeland, 148 Graywolf Trail, Winchester, single-family dwelling, $111,000

Springwood Farms LLC, 320 and 400 Conestoga Lane, Stephens City, remodeling, $200,000 each.

Joseph Gadino, Shawneeland, 138 Huron Trail, Winchester, single-family dwelling, $138,000.

John Ingman, Layside Estates, 293 Layside Drive, Winchester, solar panels, $59,799.

Daniel Reese, Stonymeade, 151 Forest Valley Court, Kernstown, remodeling, $110,000.

Lynn Ruths, 5125 Passage Road, Stephens City, single-family dwelling, $350,000.

Shawnee Village LC, Newtown Landing, Lot 1, Massie Street, Stephens City, single-family dwelling, $200,000.

Dustin Scheuch, Baldwin Gap, 5306 Cedar Creek Grade, Stephens City, single-family dwelling, $637,800.

Austin Stump, 807 Chapel Road, Middletown, single-family dwelling, $400,000.

Gainesboro District

Daniel Hildebrand, 1790 Cedar Grove Road, Winchester, modular home, $320,000.

James Wood High School, 161 Apple Pie Ridge Road, Winchester, addition, $64,346,221; classroom, $130,000.

Anna Smelser, 171 Tapestry Lane, Winchester, single-family dwelling, $250,000.

Patrick Keith, Lake Holiday, 1007 W. Masters Drive, Cross Junction, deck, $53,000.

Michael Nelson, 4129 Apple Pie Ridge Road, Winchester, pole structure, $80,000.

Robert Adams II, 903 Bloomery Pike, Cross Junction, single-family dwelling, $275,000.

Indian Hollow Elementary School, 1548 N. Hayfield Road, Winchester, classroom, $60,000.

Opequon District

MREC Shenandoah VA LLC, Shenandoah, Winchester, 10 single-family dwellings, 211, 218 and 228 Milkweed Drive, $575,990 each; 216, 220 and 230 Milkweed Drive, $604,990 each; 221, 223 and 234 Milkweed Drive, $545,990 each; 225 Milkweed Drive, $559,990.

MREC Shenandoah VA LLC, Shenandoah, Winchester, eight townhouses, 142, 144, 146, 148, 150, 152, 154 and 156 Choke Cherry Court, $120,000 each.

Shea Homes LP, Shenandoah, Winchester, five single-family dwellings, 202 and 212 Milkweed Drive, $495,990 each; 206 Milkweed Drive, $655,990; 210 Milkweed Drive, $485,990; 122 Hawthorn Court, $465,990.

Rob McGregor, Albin Village, 109 Cotswold Court, Stephens City, solar panels, $51,904.

Elmer and Constance Foster, Old Dominion Greens, 228 Bridgewater Drive, Stephens City, swimming pool, $88,475.

Andrew Pepin, Shenandoah, 122 Foam Flower Drive, White Post, porch, $56,000.

Red Bud District

Richmond American Homes of VA Inc., Abrams Pointe, Winchester, five single-family dwellings, 182 Williamson Road, $285,000; 176, 179 and 184 Williamson Road, $295,000 each; 181 Williamson Road, $325,000.

Damien Jones, Sovereign Village, 112 Godwin Court, Winchester, swimming pool, $85,000.

Jeremie Vigneault, Abrams Pointe, 123 Jeni Court, Winchester, swimming pool, $80,000.

US Home Corp., Senseny Village, Winchester, six single-family dwellings, 300, 302, 304, 306, 308 and 310 Lehigh Drive, $250,000 each.

Shawnee District

John Lucas, 2340 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, solar panels, $90,760.

William Heston, Oakdale Crossing, 106 Tey Court, Winchester, remodeling, $100,000.

Jared Hartman, 1760 Airport Road, Winchester, single-family dwelling, $295,000.

Campfield LLC, 296 Arbor Court, Winchester, reroofing, $495,750.

Nicholas Kelley, Canter Estates, 104 Friesian Court, Stephens City, swimming pool, $77,000.

Stonewall District

Stephen Bridge, 2010 Martinsburg Pike, Stephenson, modular home, $250,000.

Westminster-Canterbury, Fox Drive, Winchester, storage building, $202,000; two apartment buildings, $4,167,000 each; apartment building, $3,627,000; apartment building, $4,183,000; apartment building, $3,980,000.

MHC Regency Lakes II LLC, Regency Lakes, Winchester, two mobile homes, 146 Fiddler Ave. and 100 Cluseret Court, $109,096.91 each.

Gramm Holdings LLC, 1659 Berryville Pike, Winchester, remodeling, $125,000.

Loren Butler, Star Fort Estates, 100 Blackpowder Court, Winchester, swimming pool, $65,000.

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