Council is considering changing the courthouse roofing project

Iberia Town Council is considering approving $ 101,000 for an amendment contract for the canopy project in the Iberia Municipality courthouse.

The change is the second addition to the contract that was put out to tender last fall. The low bidder, Frisco Industrial Contractors of Franklin, offered $ 165,000 to help realize the core of the project, which involves the roof on the fourth floor in the rear center section of the building and the roof on the second floor over the wing of the building where If the roof was in place, the office of the Sheriff of the Municipality of Iberia is located.

Two alternative offers were also accepted. The first alternative involves roofing the middle front fourth floor and the edge around that portion of the building for an additional $ 68,000. The change order for this alternative was signed on February 3rd.

The second alternative would be to cover the rest of the building, including the rear basement roof on both sides of the building and the second floor of the left wing where the Iberia Municipality Public Prosecutor is located.

In the February 10 committee hearings, the administration said the change was needed after contractors started inspecting the roof and they could not guarantee work on the base project or the first alternative unless the second Alternative is also concluded.

The total cost of the project, including all three phases of work, is $ 402,000.

The community council will also hear a presentation from its bonding attorney Jason Akers on the opportunity to use the community’s GOMESA (Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act) revenue to place a bond issue on community projects.

The idea of ​​using GOMESA funds as start-up capital to secure a bond issue is not new. The St. Mary Parish adopted an issue for flood control and other infrastructure projects in 2018. In the parish of St. Martin, the parish council approved the use of GOMESA funds to secure a bond issue, which is used, among other things, to replace the pontoon bridge in Butte La Rose.

Although GOMESA funds are earmarked for coastal protection and flood protection projects, the definition has been expanded to include other related infrastructures, e.g. B. the repair or replacement of roads that are used on evacuation routes during storms, or in the case of St. Martin Parish a bridge essential for the safe evacuation of part of its population.

In the plan that he presented last year, the President of the Iberia Community, Larry Richard, stipulated that the GOMESA money would use the GOMESA money to finance work on three projects that are part of the community’s flood protection plan, which is already being implemented by the state’s coastal protection authorities and Restoration Authority (CPRA) has been approved. .

If the money were instead used to support a bond issue, the community could potentially get more funding for other infrastructure projects, as long as they serve the intended purpose of GOMESA legislation, namely providing money for coastal protection, restoration and hurricane protection.

The Iberia Municipal Council will meet on Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Council meeting room on the fourth floor of the Iberia Courthouse, 300 Iberia St..

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