Copper cross carries the repaired steeple of the First Presbyterian Church | Local


Twin City Roofing covered the wooden cross with copper. According to Pastor Jeff Fiet, some people have said that it shines quite bright when the sun hits it just right.

The First Presbyterian Church’s steeple was erected in the 1930s and has not been repaired since. Hail damage to the wooden structure was reason enough for a renovation.

Copper cross carries the repaired steeple of the First Presbyterian Church

Twin City Roofing took on the project to repair the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church last week. The structure had not seen any major repairs since its construction in the 1930s.

Copper cross carries the repaired steeple of the First Presbyterian Church

The steeple on the First Presbyterian Church was redesigned last month. The once rejected wooden cross was adorned with copper and reattached. Other necessary repairs to the church tower after immense hail and water damage were also carried out.

The sun reflects brightly from the newly installed copper cross on the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church on East 20th Street in Scottsbluff.

On Monday January 25, Twin City Roofing and Sheet Metal completed some much-needed repairs to the church roof, including the addition of copper around a north-sloping wooden cross barely hanging from the church tower.

Originally built in the 1930s, no major repairs or renovations have been made to the church tower since then, apart from a small paint job, according to Pastor Jeff Fiet. After a strong hailstorm in 2019, the church tower suffered significant damage. After the chairman of the church property committee, Randy Kleager, collected insurance and other church funds, he coordinated the project to renovate the church tower.

“It did some significant damage on the outside,” said Fiet. “It was already in bad shape and then the hail took a lot of color. And so it was in pretty bad shape. The cross leaned up … we were a little afraid that it would eventually fall off because it leaned quite far to the north. “

The First Presbyterian Church hired Twin City Roofing to repair the damage to the all-wooden steeple. You started work last week and finished on Monday. They added copper to the top of the steeple and cross, fixed the wooden pillars, added metal to the siding, and roofed over a trapdoor that led up to the steeple through the rafters that had been hard to get into the sanctuary for several years during a rain storm .