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Windows are necessary because they bring fresh air in and take the inside air out. Windows are the main things if you want to have ventilation in your home. Without windows, your home will be dark and congested. Everyone has a choice to add more or less windows in his or her home, but it is necessary to have at least a few windows. It doesn’t guarantee to have proper ventilation if you have more windows in your home, but their placement matters more.

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Here, we will be looking at how many windows would be enough for each room and eventually for the whole home.

So, let’s have a look below:

Bedroom Windows: A home is incomplete without a bedroom and every bedroom needs windows. It could range from one window to more. A single large window would be enough but if you have small windows, you must have more than one window. Just make sure this window is easily able to open and close.

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Living room:  When it comes to small houses, their living rooms tend to be smaller, and they need windows for light because light can lit up the living room. More light in the living room can make it look spacious as well. It is a good thing that we see so many small houses considering open floor plans to make the living area more functional. Adding a glass wall or a bunch of windows in a row could be really good for light and ventilation here.

Bathroom: Bathrooms are usually smaller than the bedrooms, but it is an important part of any home where you need a window. Due to the small space and privacy, the bathroom features a ventilator-type window. It is perfect for ventilation and a square window is enough to bring in some light. 

Kitchen: A kitchen is a place where you have to cook and eat. When food is involved, there is a high chance of having food smell. Having a window in the kitchen could play a crucial part in ventilation. It could be helpful in relieving the indoor smell of food. If your kitchen is open and attached to the living room, you should definitely have a window there. A window will bring light and fresh air to the kitchen. In the summer season, a window can also take out the hotness produced by stove heat.

Stairs: If your home is a single-story, there is not much you can do about stairs but wherever you place stairs make sure there is a window opening either by the end of stairs or on the side of stairs. This way you can have light even on the stairs.

Another thing is to keep the windows in a way so that cross ventilation can occur. Try to place windows in front of each other.

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