Commissioners OK offers for the replacement of windows in the administration building and for landscaping in the Hi-TEC building

Highland County’s officers Jeff Duncan, Terry Britton and Gary Abernathy discussed ongoing maintenance issues and accepted proposals for projects in the county administration building and the Hi-TEC building during their meeting on Wednesday September 2.

As previously reported, on Aug. 12, commissioners approved an offer from AC Glass for $ 1,600 for four temporary windows in the Highland County Administration Building that were installed on Sept. 1. Commissioners voted 3-0 on Wednesday to approve an offer from AC Glass to install permanent windows in the building.

Britton said the county has received offers from AC Glass, Commercial Glass Systems, and Capitol Aluminum & Glass.

“At the end of the day, AC Glass had the lowest bid of $ 65,030,” said Britton. “This is supposed to replace all 36 windows in the building.”

Duncan said that any windows that are replaced are “original” windows dating from 1976.

“We had some issues with them and now we have some of them leaking so we felt it was time to address that,” said Duncan.

Abernathy added that in addition to replacing windows, “the next step is to fix the roof”. “We have a pretty good roof leak,” he said.

Duncan said contractors will come to look at the roof. “It looks like the building needs some attention,” he said. “It took a very long time.”

In addition to repairs to the windows, contractor Wayne Dance worked this summer to fix the also damaged bricks around the windows.

“It was recommended to us by the mason who did the masonry work we may need to have the building sealed,” Duncan said. “He thought that would help keep the brick that is here. We will ask him and others for a few offers for it. “

The commissioners also voted to accept an offer for a landscaping project in the Hi-TEC building. Britton announced to commissioners that the county had received an offer of $ 2,575 from Brad Roades of Landscapes & Outer Spaces.

“The last time we did anything out there was in 2016 when we did the exterior of the building,” said Britton. “It has to be cleaned up.”

The deal includes “tidying everything up and adding some other” plants outside the building, he said. A request from Abernathy to accept the offer was accepted 3-0.

In another discussion, Britton reminded citizens to respond to the 2020 census if they haven’t already.

“It’s very important to the county, to the villages, to the city, to everyone,” said Britton. “If you haven’t, please do it.”

Information from the Ohio Development Services Agency sent to the commissioners’ office this week read: “If you have not completed your census, prepare to have the censuses come to visit in person. When visiting in person, they will follow all CDC and local public health guidelines, including wearing a face mask. When no one is home, they leave information on how to respond online or over the phone.

“Depending on their location, some areas may receive phone calls, a paper questionnaire, or email about the census instead of a visit.”

Also during Wednesday’s meeting, the commissioners approved the following resolutions 3-0 each:

• A request from Family and Children First for additional funds from unexpected income for S-24 of $ 13,000.

• The sheriff’s request for additional unrestricted funds of $ 5,360.09.

• Commissioners’ request to Agriculture – Fair Board for additional funds from unexpected income for $ 9,614.

• A request from commissioners for an additional allocation of $ 679.60 from unexpected revenue to the sheriff.

• Request from Commissioners for additional funds from unexpected income for Common Pleas of $ 604.14.

• A request from Commissioners for an additional allocation from unexpected revenue to Veterans Services of $ 2,243.82.

• A request from commissioners for additional funds from unexpected income to County General of $ 9,798.95.

• A request from the engineer to award the Shelly Company’s $ 961,672.56 project to improve the OPWC Petersburg Road and Overman Road intersection. The company submitted the lowest of four bids opened at the commissioners’ meeting on Aug. 26.

• Commissioners’ request for additional funds from unexpected revenues for the S-22 Local Coronavirus Relief Fund of $ 250,583.21.

• A request from Help Me Grow for an additional unrestricted allocation of US $ 32,000.

The commissioners also approved four contracts with 3-0 votes each:

• Two projects of written agreement between home program and homeowner for improvement through Highland County Community action:

• A letter of commitment with the lawyer Bricker & Eckler on tax foreclosure; and

• A contract with Kofile to digitize recordings for the Highland County recorder’s office upon request, approved at the August 26th commissioners’ meeting.

The commissioners held two executive meetings after their regular meeting: a “possible buying or selling real estate” meeting with Gary Breeden, director of the Highland County’s Parole Board; and a meeting with Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera and a representative from Clemans, Nelson & Associates.

No reviews of funding under the CARES law were carried out at the September 2nd meeting, as the Commissioners did at their previous three meetings.

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