CNT Foundations Facilities are 100% Solar Powered


CNT Foundations, a general contractor and foundation repair company that serves South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, has already become 100% solar powered.

SOUTH CAROLINA, JULY 3, 2021 – Despite rumors and doubts to the contrary, solar power simply makes good business sense, which is why CNT Foundations, a general contractor and Foundation Repair company that serves South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, has already become 100% solar powered. Many believe it is just not possible to switch completely to renewable energies and still stay in business. The fact is, wise organizations like CNT Foundations have already done it.

Around the world, huge corporations like Google, Apple, and IKEA are making the switch to solar or renewable energy because the decision simply makes good business sense. Not only does solar power pay for itself, but the energy these companies use also becomes free. No denying the wisdom in such a deal.

Likewise, 11 countries have switched to 100% renewable energy with dozens more already taking the steps to do likewise. Their actions have reduced their carbon footprint and improved their public image, all while eventually providing them with free energy. The same was an easy decision for CNT Foundations. They became Charlotte’s most trusted foundation experts because every decision they made always kept customer satisfaction in mind. Surprisingly, not all companies believe a successful business depends on a happy customer, but on the pure volume of jobs.

In the end, CNT Foundations topped them all because they relied upon only highly qualified contractors who will come up with permanent solutions to a problem, not just fix the issue for now. The same business practice drove them to switch their facilities to 100% solar power.

Visit the CNT Foundations website at and learn what their customers have to say about their good business sense, and you will understand their decision.

About CNT Foundations: CNT Foundations proudly supports U.S. troops and hires veterans to work for the company. The company’s commitment to service excellence sets them apart from other foundation repair companies.

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