CMSD approves $40K more for emergency repairs at Franklin

Holly Rogers

Columbus Municipal School District is adding $40,000 to its emergency repair allowance to cover unexpected roof repair costs at Franklin Academy.

Workers with Copper Top Roofing ran into a snag during planned shingle replacement at the Franklin campus when they discovered the lumber in the decking was insufficient to place new shingles over top.

“While they were looking at the roof and redoing the shingles on it, they found a lot of wood that used (20-penny) nails all in it,” CMSD business manager Holly Rogers said. “They can’t just put shingles over that lumber, so they are going to have to redo that. They tried to cut their cost as best they could to try to make sure they were falling under the contingency but it still took up the entire contingency amount. … If it rains again, it’s absolutely exposed right now.”

“Penny” refers to the size of a nail and how much it once cost to purchase that size by the hundred. One 20-penny nail is four inches long, according to board attorney Chris Hemphill.

The report from Cooper Top Roofing said the original lumber was fastened to the framed structure with 20-penny nails and the lumber has since shifted creating up and down areas in the nail surface plane.

In order to accommodate the needed decking replacement, the board in a special-call meeting Wednesday bumped its emergency repair allowance to $50,000, up from $10,000. The money will come from its dedicated capital improvements fund. Any unused portion of the contingency will be returned to the original fund after the project is complete.

Before the vote, board secretary Josie Shumake asked why a 500-percent contingency increase was necessary, and Rogers said that it essentially offered room for other problems that might arise with the project.

“We’re so close to finishing the project that if anything else comes up, we’re going to have to run right back to you guys (the CMSD board) to get your approval for everything else that goes above that contingency,” Rogers said. “So, we wanted to go ahead and make sure that we were OK.”

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