Clarks Summit Council accepts Mayor Herman Johnson’s letter of resignation

CLARKS SUMMIT — At the Clarks Summit Council meeting April 6, Mariclaire Hayes, in her solicitor’s report, said that Mayor Herman Johnson sent a letter of resignation.

She mentioned that she brought a resolution to accept Johnson’s resignation. She said that according to borough code, council must appoint someone to replace the mayor within 30 days.

“The effective date of the resignation will be tonight because the clock starts when we pass this resolution,” she said.

Council voted to accept Johnson’s letter of resignation.

Letters of interest must be submitted to borough manager Virginia Kehoe by Friday, April 22. Interviews will take place at the council work session on Wednesday, April 27. Council will vote on the appointment during the regular council meeting on Wednesday, May 4. In her bids and quotations report, Kehoe announced four proposals for the borough building roof replacement. They are: RN DeMeck Roof Management Services, $93,968; Spotts Brothers Inc., $92,000; TRS Roofing, $114,900, Dunmore Roofing, $80,000.

Kehoe said that Dunmore Roofing has both placed and maintained the building’s current roof, which was installed in 2003. Council voted to approve Dunmore Roofing’s bid of $80,000.

In his police regionalization report, councilman Josh Mitchell mentioned there was a kickoff meeting with DCED (Department of Community & Economic Development) representatives and a consultant who will present a report with recommendations to the study committee in about six weeks. He said that all of the municipalities have been asked to sign a regionalization articles of agreement. Council voted to give council president Gerrie Carey approval to sign the articles of agreement. In other business, Kehoe said that the Civil Service Commission met with regards to putting out the test for a full-time officer. She said that the qualifications are 18 years of age or older, a US citizen, physically and mentally fit, a valid motor vehicle operator’s license from PA, and must have completed and passed the Act 120 training by the time of examination.

“We’re ready to run the ad,” said Kehoe. “They (commission) already scheduled a test for May 21. The deadline for application, May 3, and we’re ready to promote it.”

Kehoe said that the cost of the applicant is $75.

“Their goal was to make it high enough that only really serious applicants are going to go in,” she said.

Kehoe mentioned that council needs to pay for a panel to come in and do the oral exams. She said that she is working with the school district to have the exams at the school with a proctor present. She said that council also needs to pay for the advertising, background searches, and the physical, mental and agility exams.

She confirmed the purpose of the exams is to generate an eligibility to be able to replace an officer if needed.

In other business, Kehoe said that Lackawanna County wants to use CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) monies to create Internet hotspots for the needy. Council voted to support the CDBG monies to be used for Internet hotspots. In other business, Kehoe said that Council needs to drat for the electronic bulletin board, which is located on Northern Boulevard near Dunkin Donuts.

Council agreed that the first few days for the sign to read “Welcome to Clarks Summit.” Kehoe encourages other ideas for the sign.

In other business, council voted to approve the treasury report for February and March 2022.

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