City of Auburn building permits: Oct. 2, 2022

The Auburn building inspector has issued the following permits from Aug. 25-Sept. 1:

• Lakeside Roofing, tear down chimney and patch roof for owner Frank Nevidomsky at 50 Burt Ave., $1,900.

• Lakeside Roofing, tear off and replace roof for owner Joshua Smith at 127 N. Division St., $16,500.

• Allied Sign Co., install one attached and two pylon “Michael’s” signs for owner Auburn Associates LLC at 217 Grant Ave., $10,000.

• Olins Windows, Doors and More, install door for owner Cecelia Gill at 85 Grant Ave., $923.

• Thomas Banach I, tear off and replace porch roof for owner Paul Telvock at 276 Seymour St., $500.

• Lakeside Roofing, replace porch roof for owner Ann Louise Wiley at 157 E. Genesee St., $5,300.

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• Shawn Campbell, install 32 feet of fence and repair/replace steps at 29-31 Canoga St., $750.

• Nick’s Ride 4 Friends Inc., commercial remodel of second floor at 13 Chapel St., $75,000.

• Douglas Wilson, repair front porch for owner Clarence VanOstrand at 207 S. Seward Ave., $20,000.

• Richard Nash, repair porch and change roof line from hip to gable at 13 Walnut St., $500.

• Van DerHoof Roofing Co. Inc., tear off and replace roof for owner James Plis at 222 State St., $15,000.

• Kyle Elliott, install carport at 7 Lawton Ave., $750.

• Joseph Calarco, install gazebo at 23 S. Marvine Ave., $4,000.

• Daniel Driscoll, install siding at 67 Hamilton Ave., $5,000.

• C. Michaels Exteriors, install seven winddows and siding for owner William Talbot at 19 Camp St., $51,680.

• Ace Fence of Syracuse LLC, install 40 feet of wood fence for owner Michael McLaughlin at 18 Frazee St., $1,600.

• Reilly Enterprises, tear off and replace part of roof for owner Kathy Orasi at 19 Underwood St., $5,000.

• Sara Smith, remodel house at 97 Cottage St., $40,000.

• Angelo Spinelli, remodel kitchen and bathroom at 82 N. Division St., $2,000.

• James Slayton, install shed at 38 Prospect St., $5,800.

• Lakeside Roofing, reshingle roof over existing layer for owner Cody Cottrell at 37 Fleming St., $12,675.

• Lakeside Roofing, tear off and replace roof for owner Jeffrey Emmette at 13 Vandenbosch Ave., $15,000.

• Auburn and Northbrook, expand deck at 133 Austin Drive, $35,636.

• Anthony Elice Construction, remodel room for owner Kevin McLoughlin at 82 Mary St., $3,500.

• Auburn Siding Window & Door, install siding for owner Thomas Lattimore at 148 E. Genesee St., $35,000.

• A & M Graphics Inc., install single-faced, attached, non-illuminated “Lake Life Laser Studio” sign for owner East Hill Family Medical at 144 Genesee St., $585.

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