Centrica, a major innovator in low carbon energy and the UK energy supply, has joined the Hydrogen Task Force

The Hydrogen Taskforce is pleased to welcome one more member to its growing coalition of the UK’s largest organizations innovating in and across the hydrogen sector. Centrica joined the Task Force in January, adding its extensive experience in delivering low carbon and sustainable energy to the UK.

Centrica is already helping millions of its customers make their world more sustainable through smart metering, green energy tariffs, a range of HIVE smart home products and EV charging solutions. The company is also exploring the role the rough gas field could play in the future by converting it into hydrogen storage, which will also help create jobs in the north east of England.

The Task Force welcomed the Prime Minister’s recent announcement that the government is committed to developing 5 GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity and £ 240 million to support new hydrogen production facilities by 2030 as part of its plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’. Centrica plays an important role in delivering the UK’s ambitions, creating green jobs and making sure the UK meets its Net Zero ambitions by 2050.

The Task Force is working closely with key government actors to ensure that the upcoming UK Hydrogen Strategy reflects the ambitions of the UK industry as this document sets out the evolution of UK Hydrogen. Following its report in March 2020, the task force advised the government on hydrogen policy. She looks forward to working with Centrica to highlight the potential of hydrogen for the decarbonization of energy and industry, while stimulating large regional investments and promoting quality jobs.

The task force has presented evidence to the government of how hydrogen can support the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19. The landmark Economic Impact Assessment, published in August 2020, predicted hydrogen to be valued at up to £ 18 billion in the UK and could create 75,000 jobs across the UK economy by 2035. Centrica’s position as a leading energy supplier can support hydrogen’s contribution to the UK economy.

Centrica joins the task force at a critical stage in the coalition’s work to advise the government. The Task Force looks forward to working with Centrica to ensure that their expertise and understanding of the energy system and hydrogen is reflected in their work with the government.

Chris O’Shea, Centrica Group Chief Executive said:

“Hydrogen will be an important part of the UK’s transition to Net Zero and we look forward to doing our part in securing the role of hydrogen production and storage in the future energy mix. Household and business heating is the biggest contributor we need Helping our customers migrate to low carbon technologies that are affordable and minimally disruptive. We believe this will be a multi-way approach that includes hydrogen. ”

Gareth Morrell, Co-Head of the Hydrogen Task Force Secretariat and Head of Insights in Madano added:

“The Hydrogen Taskforce is a trusted advisor to the UK Government on hydrogen. Its members work across the hydrogen value chain and are ideally positioned to provide an industry perspective on the sector.

Centrica is a major player in the energy supply chain, helping millions of its customers make the transition to more sustainable energy use. Centrica’s accession to the Task Force will bring its significant experience and expertise to this coalition’s collaboration with the UK government, which is currently developing a UK hydrogen strategy. ”

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