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Homeowners need to complete many tasks to keep their assets in good working order. One task that often gets neglected is a roof inspection. However, this inspection allows the owner to catch problems early. A roof inspection should be conducted by the homeowner twice yearly and after a major storm.

In addition, the homeowner should have a roof inspection conducted by a professional at least once a year. Minor problems can become major issues quickly. The inspector identifies any areas of concern, so repairs can be made promptly. To learn about the benefits of roof inspections, find more information here. What does the roofer do when completing this inspection? 

The Visual Inspection

A roof begins the process by doing a visual inspection of the roof. This inspection allows them to see any areas of concern before they go further in the process. They look for things such as loose or missing shingles or damage to flashings. 

The Structural Inspection

According to, the roofer will climb on the roof to learn whether it is structurally sound. They ensure the roof ridge, the deck, the underlayment, and more are in good condition. In addition, they check the roof for water damage. 

Additional Roof Examination Tools

Many roofers today use thermal cameras to detect areas where the home is losing heat. The cameras also find roof leaks. When choosing a roofer, ask if they use thermal imaging to examine the roof. On the other hand, the roofer may conduct an infrared moisture survey, which detected leaks that cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

Learn which methods the roofer uses to find problems with the roof. They have undergone training to detect problems. A reputable roofer will share the methods they use and why they choose these particular ones. 

When to Call for a Roof Inspection

Homeowners need to know when a roof inspection is called for. High energy bills suggest there is a problem within the home. Any water damage on the walls or ceilings of the home could mean the roof has a leak. Roofing materials that are cracked, loose, or missing means it is time for a roof inspection. Finally, have the roof inspected if it is more than 20 years old. 

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

A homeowner needs to know their roof inspection is thorough. The right contractor ensures this is the case. Just because a Roofing Company Offers Free Home Inspection in Kansas City MO doesn’t mean they should be selected. Work with a qualified roofing company. 

This contractor should have experience in completing roof inspections and making the necessary repairs. Read reviews to learn more about the company and its work. Only call those companies that have these qualifications. Border Home Improvement is one contractor that should go on a homeowner’s list. 

Ask to see the contractor’s license and insurance policy. Ensure they remain valid before hiring the contractor. In addition, require a written estimate. Not only does this allow the homeowner to compare prices, but it also ensures the customer knows exactly what they are getting when they hire this company. 

A homeowner should never neglect the roof of their residence. Regular roof inspections ensure the integrity of the roof remains intact. Catching roof issues helps to prevent additional damage to the home. Although homeowners should conduct regular inspections, they should also have this task carried out by a licensed roofer every year. The roofer can find problems homeowners overlook, as they understand the roof structure thoroughly. Call for this inspection today. 

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