Bond approval clears way for renovations at PG Middle School

TEXARKANA, Texas — The recent approval of a $39.9 million bond now allows Pleasant Grove Independent School District to move forward on its first project — renovations at the middle school.

In a May board meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a roofing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacement at PG Middle School at a projected cost of $2.1 million. Harrison Walker & Harper was selected to oversee the project, as well as all other bond projects.

Superintendent Chad Pirtle said because the district was able to do initial work at the campus in anticipation of the bond’s approval, he expects a quick turnaround on the work.

“This has been a long time coming,” Pirtle said. “As you know, the middle school’s roofing and HVAC has been in serious need of replacement. We believe that we can get this project completed this summer.”

Pirtle credited Director of Operations Matt Fry for getting the project running. Fry said the renovations are much needed.

“HVAC and roofing have been an ongoing problem at the middle school,” he said. “Nearly all of those units are at least 20 years old, and the roof is 30 to 40 years old, depending on which part of the roof you’re talking about. So, if we have big rains, we have leaks. And we constantly have HVAC issues over there.”

Fry said the district anticipates cost savings on energy, in addition to a better overall learning environment for students.

“We know this has been coming for a long time, and we’re pleased with how the numbers came in,” he said. “This is going to let us not only stop the leaks, but keep good AC that works a lot more efficiently.”

Fry said in the event that the project runs late, the district can prioritize which HVAC units to replace first.

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