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According to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 14% of robbers enter homes through basement windows. How can you protect yourself and make your home safe?

Burglars always choose places with the least resistance to enter a house. These are often the windows in the basement. They are usually located far from the main rooms and rarely visited by the owners. To reduce the risk of break-ins, windows must be well protected. Let’s look at different ways to compensate your home.

  1. Install lights. Lights with motion sensors are best. You have a double advantage:
  • In most cases, bright light will stop a burglar
  • You can easily see the entrance into the courtyard
  1. Install surveillance cameras outdoors. They have to be in visible places. The burglar will see you and will not enter the house. Outside cameras shoot well in the dark. This way you can monitor the house 24/7.
  1. Glue the protective film from the inside. The protective film makes the window more durable. Even in the event of penetration, the fragments are not scattered. Therefore, it will be more difficult for the predator to turn off the fragments and get in.
  1. Use a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock informs the owner whether the window is open or closed. One part of the magnet is installed on the movable part of the window, the other on the window frame. When the window opens, an alarm is sent to the home security system.
  1. Make the place uncomfortable. Outside the house, near the window, you can plant a thorny bush. This becomes a serious obstacle. Try to leave an empty space under the basement window. As a result, an improvised staircase to enter is denied the intruder.
  1. Choose a quality window. The basement window should be made of durable fiberglass with an additional security lock.

Use at least some of these tips and your basement window will be a lot safer!

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