As the great ice storm approaches the tri-state, local residents are doing everything they can to protect already battered homes – CBS New York


RIDGEFIELD, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Prepare now or pay later.

Melting ice is a hot item when homeowners get ready. According to Christina Fan at CBS2, it’s just as important for roofers to look up.

Crews with Deegan Roofing pounded feverishly on gutters and roofs on Monday, helping panicked homeowners break apart ice dams before a massive ice storm.

“That’s why we’re pretty much out here. We want to remove snow and ice as much as possible to keep the water out, ”said Jun Deegan.


Since freezing rain is expected overnight, the crews say it’s important to clear any existing icy obstructions in your gutters so the melting water cannot flow into your home in the days to come.

It’s an expensive mistake that homeowner Joe Ruzek now knows all about.

“It started slowly, but after 10, 15 minutes it went down quickly. So we actually put some tape on to stop it a little. It dripped into the buckets, ”said Ruzek of Scotch Plains.


The impending ice storm is also expected to break off branches, trigger power outages and create slippery road conditions.

“I came to buy the salt to melt the ice,” said Maria Mattessich from Palisades Park.

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At the Boulevard Hardware and Supply Company, CBS2 found Mattes looking for calcium chloride to pre-treat their driveway.

Branch manager Peter Murad said there had been so much snow this winter that his snow blowers and generators are sold out and other supplies are running out.

“Another thing that happens when the temperature gets really cold is sometimes the pipes freeze, so we sell a lot of electric heaters,” Murad said.

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Experts say families should also stock up on batteries, charge their phones, and prepare an emergency kit in preparation for the storm.

Ice build-up can cause water to penetrate insulation, ceilings and walls, causing mold and mildew. Experts say icicles hanging from your roof can signal that one is forming.

Christina Fan from CBS2 contributed to this report

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