As more organizations go solar, Sage Energy Consulting launches new suite of services to optimize these new energy assets

Katie Crider leads the new asset management initiative for Sage to maximize returns for schools and municipalities investing in solar energy and solar+storage systems.

San Rafael, Calif. — Solar installations continued to set records in 2020, with 19.2 GW of solar capacity installed, a 43% increase over 2019. Schools and municipalities are participating in greater numbers than ever, attracted by favorable policies and seeking to make greater use of their rooftops, parking lots, and open ground while setting an environmental example.

As the market grows, solar customers often do not know how much money they are saving or if the system is performing as expected.

Sage Energy Consulting has launched a new suite of asset management services to supplement their existing industry-leading services in energy planning and project management. These new services include quantitative savings analysis, utility tariff optimization, solar performance management, renewable energy credit (REC) management, existing solar inspections, and O&M subcontractor management.

These new offerings will help solar stakeholders justify the expense of going solar by:

-Delivering quantitative analysis of energy and financial savings

-Maximizing savings through performance optimization and utility tariff analysis

-Providing independent oversight of third-party solar providers

-Bringing additional revenue through previously untapped RECs

Katie Crider will oversee the new asset management line of services, bringing her extensive experience maximizing performance of distributed generation and small utility-scale solar projects to the Sage team. Prior to joining Sage at the end of 2020, Ms. Crider was the Director of Asset Management at Onyx Renewable Partners, where she managed more than 225 distributed generation solar projects in 15 states.

“As the solar and energy storage industry continues to grow, there are new players entering the market every day,” offered Crider. “Sage has an established reputation as a trusted strategic partner in the planning and development of modern energy systems that include solar, energy storage and EVs. It makes sense for us to deliver proactive asset management services on behalf of our current and future clients, so they can benefit from more informed decision making and maximize the return on their investment.”

To date, Sage has managed more than $2 billion of clean energy projects nationwide, including for over 100 school districts.


About Sage Energy Consulting

Sage Energy Consulting provides comprehensive energy planning and project management services for businesses, public agencies, and schools. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area with clients nationwide, Sage is a proven partner in cutting emissions and realizing Zero Net Energy goals, with industry-leading expertise in solar arrays, battery storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicle fleet planning, and EV charging Sage is a strategic partner throughout the planning, development, construction, and lifetime of energy systems or microgrids. Learn how to transform your energy portfolio at

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