APL Apollo unveils India’s first closed steel door and window frame ‘Apollo Chaukhat’

‘Apollo Chaukhat’ is easy to assemble, termite-proof, fireproof, environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is based on futuristic Italian technology. New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded steel tube manufacturers, have unveiled India’s first closed steel door and window frame, “Apollo Chaukhat”, which is based on trustworthy and reliable Italian technology. Apollo Chaukhat is a perfect door and window choice and in a class of its own. It’s synonymous with strength, durability and world-class quality.

For consumers who traditionally use wooden frames for doors and windows, “Apollo Chaukhat” offers numerous advantages. It’s termite-proof, fireproof, and stiff, while even the expensive wooden frames remain termite-prone and flammable. Expansion and contraction occur in wooden frames due to changes in weather. “Apollo Chaukhat” made of high quality steel is easy to assemble, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The product also protects the home from dust and insects and can be easily customized to meet consumer demands.

Another reason to choose Apollo Chaukhat is the quick installation process that is effortless and simple. While the installation of wooden frames is like completing a challenging task with concrete and cement, “Apollo Chaukhat”, like any modern plug & play, can be installed immediately after construction in just a few simple steps.

Speaking at the launch of Apollo Chaukhat, Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo said, “Apollo Chaukhat is our breakthrough creation that aligns with our vision of providing high quality, innovative products to our customers. This new product segment is environmentally friendly and offers several advantages in terms of value for money and less maintenance. Hence, we are very optimistic to create and capture strong demand for Apollo Chaukhat in both domestic and export markets. “The Apollo Chaukhat line of products includes a wide variety of door and window frames that discerning customers can choose from. Apollo Chaukhat has a longer lifespan than traditional doors and window frames. These low cost, trendy and elegant door and window frames are made with world class Direct Forming Technology (DFT) introduced in India by APL Apollo. Apollo Chaukhat’s door frame section for doors and windows has been assessed and certified by BMTPC (Building Material) and Technology Promotion Council), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MoHUA) of the Government of India.

Apollo Chaukhat door and window frames are competitively priced and available in a wide variety.

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